Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Can't wait to race!

I can't wait to race this weekend. On Saturday I have the state TT, this will the the first time i get to use my TT bike on an individual TT. Then on Sunday is the City Park crit, i am hopefully going to hurt some legs that day. Today sucked, the weather was horrible it rained all day. I had to ride so once it started to slow down i went out. I was suppose to ride for a few hours then do the Meridian crit but it was pouring. I got to the Meridian crit at 6:20 and no one was there they all wimped out so we just road for 2 and a half hours. i thought i was done with the cold weather but i guess not. And o ya tomorrow i have and interview at 10:00 i am hoping to get the job so i can pay for all this racing.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Weekend racing

Well it didn't go as well as i was hoping. Yesterday was a crit in Boulder, it was a .7 mile course. There was and slight uphill finish which burned every time and then you went down an ally way into an S turn and then back on to the finishing stretch. A lot of guys dropped out so the pack blew up very fast. With 2 laps to go a 5280 guy attacked and i went with him hoping to stay away but we only stayed away for a half of lap, his own teammate brought us back? So it was down to the sprint and i took 8th i was hoping for better but o well. Then today was another crit that was 1.4 miles long with a bigger uphill finish then yesterday and o ya that hurt. Then on the back side of the course it was a slight downhill hitting 40mph. With two laps to go i was up towards the front until the hill i dropped back a little then on the last lap going into the finish i tried sprinting but i didn't fell like i was moving, i was passing a few guys but def not as much as i wanted. I ended up 12th. Well the good news is that i get to rest for a while until the state TT, which is 2 weekends away.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Done with school!

I am done with my first year of college. I leave tomorrow morning for Denver for the summer. I am going to be racing my bike for Black Sheep and kicking some butt. I had a great year this year in the collegiate season thanks to STU for keep on pushing me to get out and train. I am hoping to be even better this summer and come back next year and start up some cyclocross. This weekend I will be racing 2 crits in boulder and hoping to do very well in them.

Monday, May 14, 2007

2007 Collegiate Nationals

We left last Wednesday for Kansas. we just pre road the TT course on Thursday and kept it easy. Then on Friday was the TTT, it was a hard course, we took 11th overall not bad but we were hoping to do better. It was the first time Conor and I actually raced on our TT bikes, I could see a big difference in how i road. Then on Saturday was the RR it was about 85 miles or so, it took a little under 4 hours. There was a 1.5 mile section of dirt a lot of people flatted and crashed. Going into the third lap i was feeling great and up towards the front then a pile up happened up right in front of me and i couldn't get my speed back up again i was so mad. i ended up taking 22nd with 90 or so riders starting. Then on Sunday was the Crit, i felt alright but a little tired i was about half way in the pack, too far back. So i tried to move up. then with 3 laps to go there was a crash right in front of me so then i was chasing i ended up 44th overall. The team took 4th overall and Chris took 1st for the individual ommunium. We were only 6 points away from third so i am mad about that but what can you do. Now i am going to take it easy for a little then start racing down in Denver. And o ya by the way no more euro Mullet! These are some pics from nats, one with Conor, Chris and I, then one of me finishing the road race, and the other one is the crash i got stuck in.

Sunday, May 6, 2007

TT Bike

This weekend i went home to Denver to get my new TT bike. I built it on Saturday and drove back to GJ today to ride it. I am not use to it yet, it is very uncomfortable but i guesses i will have to get use to that. I am use to my clip on bars,but i can already tell a big difference in my position and how aero i am. I also got my new team kit for the summer and some ROL carbon wheels. We leave for Nationals on Wednesday and I can't wait.