Friday, August 24, 2007

Back In School

Well it sucks to be back in school but almost done with the first week. My schedule is not that bad besides Tuesdays, they suck. I feel really lazy i have not road once since i have been up here, it is kinda nice. My roommates are pretty sweet and we are having a good time. Sunday i am going on some tour in the valley it is like a 100 mile ride, that should be good. Mesa cycling team looks pretty big this year, we have a lot of downhill guys and some road girls. No more Chris, he is off doing better things. I will just have to step up my game this year. Cross will be starting up here soon and i can't wait. On Sept 15 i Will be down in Golden for a team camp and getting the bikes and all the good stuff.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Another year

Well another year has gone by, it is time to go back to school. My last race is on Saturday in Dillon. It is going to be a crit, then right as that is done i am going straight up to GJ for school. No more mountain bike racing foe me, i am going to race cross for TIAA-CREF/CLIF BAR team. That should be a lot of fun and i am looking forward to it,i will actually have a team and not just a lot of little kids. I am not looking forward to all the drives back to Denver for the cross races but o well, sacrifices. Team video.I didn't get my upgrade this year i was 6 points away, but you never know i still have one more race left. It should be nice to go back to GJ and get settled back in but i just don't want to start school on Monday. O well what can you do?

Wednesday, August 1, 2007


About time i feel like i have some legs. On Friday was a 7 mile TT in the hail. It hurt so bad to look up and my arms were bright red. I felt horrible on the way out but on the way back i was moving i finished 5th overall on that. Then on Saturday was the RR 75 miles or so with some good climbing in it and fast descents. I felt good for most of the race but got dropped on lap 2 and a half out of 6. I thought i was going to finish way behind the leader but only 9 min or so i took 17th on the day, which put me in 10th overall. Then Sunday was the crit, i felt great the whole race up front the whole time and trying to go with breaks but none stayed away. Then with2 laps to go 3 guys went off and i didn't have that much to go. so we chased and on the last corner we caught them, i took 7th in the sprint and 6th in the GC not bad for the lack of training i am doing. Next race is this weekend a RR on Saturday and a crit on Sunday hopefully i will kill it on both races and get enough points for my upgrade.