Tuesday, March 20, 2012

San Dimas

After the team presentation in Boise ID, the team heading to San Dimas jumped in the van and cars to make the drive. We left Tuesday evening and drove for quite a bit before we got a hotel for the night. Up bright and early to make the long haul to San Dimas Wednesday morning. We made it there Wednesday evening and went for a spin to get the legs loose after sitting in the van for a couple of days. Thursday we did a recon on the TT course that would be Friday afternoon and did some efforts to get the legs ready again for some racing!
Before I knew it I was at the start gate to take on the 3.8 mile TT up the mountain. I had a good warm up and was ready to suffer for the next 15 min or so. I felt good and did an ok ride. Morgan and Matt placed 4th and 5th on the stage and would be so on GC for the RR. Saturday was an 84 mile RR on a 7 mile circuit with a good 2 min steep climb. It was torrential rain and cold for California. We didn't let that stop us for the task ahead and that was to take the yellow jersey. After a cold day Morgan finished 5th on the stage and would grab yellow by 1 sec. We were all excited and were ready to defend it on the last day of the race at the crit. Late that night when everyone was getting ready for bed, the officials sent an email saying they were giving Morgan a 20sec penalty for drafting after a flat tire??????? We will leave it at that....who knows.
So that put Morgan down to 6th place. We did not let that damper our spirits going into the crit and we wanted to make the race interesting. Sunday was an 1.5 hr crit in Downtown San Dimas, with threatening rain we knew we had to put the pressure on. Not too long into the race Morgan and Serg got up the road with a few others and stayed away until 1.5 laps to go. In the end Logan took 4th on the stage, Morgan 5th overall and Matt 10th. Not bad for some bad luck.
The team is riding very strong and are getting their last minute preparation ready for Redlands stage race that starts this Thursday.
I am back in Colorado for a bit after being on the road for over a month. I think I am going to make the trip to Grand Junction this weekend to do a crit and RR. The collegiate team is putting on the race and I think it would be a good time to go see all my friends and keep the legs loose.
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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Team Presentation

The Team Presentation was last night in Boise, ID. If you were not there you  missed out, a lot of good music and people . The legend Dave Towel was announcing so that says it all...Fantastic.
Big News for Team Exergy today as the Tour of California has invited us to their race!!!
Today eight riders and three staff are heading to San Dimas, CA for the San Dimas stage race that starts on Friday afternoon. This will be the second race weekend for the team and we are all really excited for another round.
Here is some Sweet videos of the team at training camp last month.

exergy team presentation video from Dave Christenson on Vimeo.


Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Ready or Not...

Ready or not the racing season is underway and there is no turning back now!
This past weekend marked the start of the season for Team Exergy! All of our hard training during the off season was put to the test at Merco cycling classic. It is a four day stage race in Merced California. The first day was an 84 mile Circuit that had something for everyone. It was no easy course and the field was strong. We ended the day with Logan taking 3rd on the stage. Next was the TT, a 12 mile rolling terrain out and back. My job was just to make the time cut and save the legs for the next two day. Serg and Logan had a great ride finishing 4th and 5th! The crit was the next day which was a long course and figure 8. It was a hard 40 miles with everyone a little tense and scared which made for some close calls. In the End Logan finished 3rd again. The whole team rode great leading up to the last day. We were all eager for a win and we knew we had the power to deliver. The last day was not going to be an easy day for anyone. 120 miles road race with rolling terrain and only seconds between the top guys on GC. We wanted to get a couple guys up the road to get time but it was hard to get guys away. We did 6 laps on a 20 mile course and the first two laps were fast and A LOT of attacks. We were in every move but nothing was staying away. Finally on the second lap Conor got in a break with two Optum guys and one Simple Green rider. They stayed away until the last lap. In the end Logon WON! 1st win for Team Exergy in 2012 and I guarantee it wont be the last.
Conor in the Break! Photo Veloimages

Tino making a dig. Photo Veloimages
What we all worked for!! Logan Taking the win! Photo Veloimages
Crit. Photo Veloimages

I am currently in Boise, Idaho the home of Team Exergy. Today I woke up to a dusting of snow on the ground and its cold today. Have been trying to avoid the cold all winter but I think I can manage a week of it. Next Monday is the Team Presentation in Boise. If you are near Boise you better come!!
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