Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Collegiate Nationals wrap-up

Well collegiate Nats went pretty well this year. We got to FOCO Thursday night in time for the riders meeting. Then after that signed in and went to pre drive the RR course. The course was a little different than last year. A lot more climbing. The first climb split the group up pretty well. I barley hung in there. got dropped but chased back into the lead group of about 20-30. Then once we hit the flats no one would work at all, and most of the guys who got dropped on the climbs caught back on. Once we started the laps a couple guys were off the front. About half way through the lap I went with an attack which got brought back fast. Then Conor counter attacked right away and i sat on the front making sure the whole group didn't bring him back. i let about 4 guys bridge up to him so he had someone to work with and i was sitting on the front making it look like i was going hard, rocking the shoulders and mouth wide open. But the funny part was I was not even going hard and i couldn't believe no one would come around me. it was crazy. the break lasted to the finish and Conor got third. I got 2nd in the pack finish and ended up 11th. Not bad day.
Then Saturday was the crit bright and early. my legs were feeling really good and our plan for the day was to get Conor and i as much prime points as we could. I was marking the guys who may be going for the overall. I was in a couple breaks but noting stayed away that i was in. Two guys managed to stay off the front. I ended up 8th on the day and Conor got 10th. Another good day but not good enough to get Conor the overall. Conor ended up 2nd overall and i got 7th. O well, guess we will have to step up even more next year.
Sunday morning was the TTT really early. We were the first team off at 8:02. It was in the 30's and raining and it sucked. We only had 3 guys doing the TTT because Brent's Knees have been hurting for a while. We got DFL. lol o well we were not really looking for a good result in the TTT.

Now i am resting for a while taking sometime off the bike. I had four of my finals yesterday and now I have one more tomorrow and then it is summer. Next Friday i am going to Vegas with some friends, i can't wait it should be a good time.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Well got back from the Gila late Sunday night early Monday morning. Nothing great at the gila, just average. The first day i lasted till the last climb and got dropped. lost fifteen min there. ouch. Then the next day i wanted to get in a break like i did last year. About half way through the race i felt like crap so i went for it. I was just trying to bring back the break but Conor didnt know that and sat up a little and i went off the front and caught a guy in no mans land from Rio Grande. We worked well together, then a chase group of six caught us. There was still three up the road, but we were working well together. My legs were on the verge of cramping the last 20 miles. I did as much as the work i could do without going overboard. The three lasted to the finish so we were fighting for fourth. i knew i didn't have much so just sat in a passed a few guys in the finishing stretch. Ended up 6th on the day so the same as last year. The TT was ok nothing great. Crit was decent, tried going off the front a few times but got brought back. Then the last day i sat in all day trying to save it for the climb. Got dropped on the first cat 2 climb wth two miles to the summit, fought back and caught back to the group with one mile to summit. then lasted till the last climb. was not up front for the first surge up the climb so i was not to far behind. felt good climbing.
Now i am just resting keeping the legs fresh for collegiate nationals this weekend. We leave Thursday after class and the RR is Friday, Crit Saturday and TTT Sunday. Wish me luck, hoping for a great result.