Friday, August 29, 2008


Wow I don't even know the last time I was on this. A lot has gone on since my last post but i am going to make it short because I don't want to type a lot.
Well I went to U23 road Nationals in cali and I was doing great in the crit until the last lap and there was a HUGE crash right in front of me, so that screwed and good result. Then the road race was VERY LAME. The officials pretty much pulled everyone. 130 guys started and like only 11 finished. Then right after that drove home with MO, all through the night because he had to be at work Monday morning.
Started school the next week and I am already sick of it. And it is very lame because we don't have Labor Day off from school. Started riding my bike this week, took two weeks off from the bike after nationals, now I am gearing up for cross season.
Next weekend is the team camp for cyclocross and I can't wait. New bike, new cloths, can't ask for anything better.
Might be going white water rafting this weekend, so looking forward to that.
I will def post after cross camp and get some pics up.

Monday, August 4, 2008

almost to an end

Well the road season is almost to an end for me this year. Two more races and that's it. U23 road and crit nationals in Cali This week. Have the crit on Thursday and a Road Race on Sunday. Hoping for a good result, but after this weekend of racing it is not looking good.
Saturday was a circut race. It was about a 4 mile course with a lot of false flats. it was really really hard for me and I had to drop out. When I pulled off I noticed my wheel was rubbing really bad on my breaks. One of my spokes were really loose. That may of explained why it was so hard. But since it was a Circuit race there was no free laps. Then later in the day I notice I broke the hub. It is getting fixed now.
Then yesterday was a crit downtown. I was hoping to hang on and get a good result. There was some big money and some big names there. But I just couldn't do it. Was not feeling it at all.
So lets hope I saved some energy and can kill it this week. We fly out to Cali on Wednesday morning. But I might have to drive back with my coach Sunday right after the race because he has to get to work Monday morning. So I may just go straight to school on the way home. Wish me luck because I am going to need it.
Soon after road is over Cross will begin, Can't wait! Still a long season ahead