Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Logging the Hours

Well school as been going for a while, this is our 3rd week back and so far so good. This week and next week is test weeks so we will see how they go. I have been busy with school and riding a ton. Last week i go in just over 25 hrs on the bike. It was a good week for me. I did a great ride on Saturday with Conor from GJ to Gateway and back. It is a pretty hilly ride. six and a half hours and 110 miles. This week i am planning on getting 25 hrs again but start some intensity up this weekend. I rode the TT bike last weekend for the first time since last year and man it is not comfortable. I hate the rollers right now. I have been going to class, sprinting home getting out the door for a couple hour ride until dark then been coming home and riding the rollers for a couple more it sucks. It is finally starting to warm up here in GJ. Suppose to reach 50 today which will feel really warm. It is no Denver high 60s but i will take it. i can't wait for the time change.
Next Thursday I am planning on going down to AZ for Valley of the Sun Stage Race. I have not signed up yet but I will get on that. I am just using it as a training race, I am not expecting a win or even podium, but if I do that's great. Just going for the warm weather and the intensity. I will leave you with some pics over the past few weeks. NVM my pic uploader is not working, maybe next time.