Sunday, July 13, 2008

Unlucky 13

Well this weekend was two crits. One 80 min and one 90 min so they were pretty long crits.
Yesterday I had the unlucky number 13. I thought I should have flipped it like the pros so I don't have bad luck. But I didn't. And it came back and bit me in the butt. The crit had a downhill and an uphill. There was a group of about 8 up the road 30 sec or so, so i decided to jump and bridge up to them. i was hoping someone would come with, but no luck. I was in no-mans land for a couple of laps or so before the pack pulled me back and spit me out of the back and I was done. Just didn't play it smart. so today I played it smart.

Trying to make it to the break

It was the state crit and some good teams were there again, Gamrin,Successful living, team type 1 and Kelly's benefit. i stayed in the front 10-15 guys the whole race and felt great. my legs have never felt that good before in a race and it was an hour and a half. there was a group of about 20 guys up the road with a 40 sec gap but we brought them back with 3 laps to go. Then the race was on and I just couldn't move up much. I ended up 29th or so out of 75 but i wish i would have been a little bit farther up when we caught the break but o well I am learning.
wish me luck for tomorrow I have the dentist and have to get two cavities filled. Then on Wednesday it is off to water World for a little fun.

Friday, July 11, 2008


Well this week flew by and it is already time to race tomorrow. This weekend is two crits. Sunday is the state crit. With all the big boys at cascade this week hopefully I can get some good results.
Well once you thought the Tour was going to be clean some jerk has to ruien it for everyone. Manual Beltran is the first guy caught in this Tour de France for Doping. Who is next?
Talking about dopers. I was out riding today and I usually don't find anything cool to write about, but today i found a bag of weed sitting on the side of the road.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Riding at a new level

Well last week was a rough week for me on the bike. I just was not motivated and had some bad days on the bike. But finally I am back into it ready to train and race.
I finally got to race this past weekend. It was a 75 min crit in Niwot, close to Boulder. Once I arrived to the race I knew it was going to be a fast one with Toyota United there with 4 guys. There ended up being some big names like; Day, Steviz, Clarke taking 1,2,3 from Toyota United, Zajicek from Health Net, Pearce, Donald, Caldwell, Danielson from Garmin Chipolte then some guys from successful living, Team type 1, and BMC. Pretty cool all these guys just showed up for a local race. 90 guys started the race and only 40 finished so it was really really fast. I was kinda upset that I couldn't hold on the whole race but o well. I am still young and have only been racing for 3 years, got some time to improve. I usually watch these guys on TV and now I am trying to race them, that is pretty cool.
Got 2 crits this weekend and one of them being the state championships so I hope I can ride a little better then last weekend.
U-23 Nationals is less then a month away and I can't wait. I am not 100% yet that I am going but I am planing on it.

This is a pic of me before I pop. Thats is Dan Schmatz to my left, use to ride on BMC