Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Good Legs, Bad Lungs

Well this past weekend was the Colorado College crit and Air force Road race. I was really looking forward to these races because I felt so good on the bike the week before, I was riding the hills and flats very strong and was ready to really get back into it. I got a good warm up for the Crit on Saturday and felt great. My throat was dry thought. The air quality really sucked. But the race started and I wanted to get into the break. So right off the bat a CU guy went off and I went with feeling very good. Then a CSU guy jumped on and we only stayed away for a few laps but my legs felt great but I just couldn't breath it was crazy. So once the pack caught us I sat up and went straight to the back to try to catch my breath but just couldn't so I had to quit. I really don't like quiting a race but I needed to I was not getting any oxygen. The medics there said it would be best for me to go to the ER to get checked out. I really didn't want to go but am glad I went once it was over with. My plus ox was only 80 and that's pretty low. Got some drugs now and an inhaler.
Then Saturday was the RR. It was very windy but it is a fun course. I just wanted to sit in since I didn't know what my breathing would be like. The first lap was good I hung in there. Then the second lap was pretty much neutral because the pros passed us. Then once we started my legs were not ready to start up again. We stopped for a while and then started racing hard. I don't think my legs and lungs were ready for that. So i hung on for about 3 laps out of the five an dropped back. ended up 25th on the day. guess not bad considering I was in the ER the day before.
Leaving for the Gila next week,I am looking forward to that. Hope my lungs get better and my legs get stronger. We will just have to wait and see. This weekend is conference in windy Wyoming. Hope I am feel up to par to race. Time will tell.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Go time!

Livin the life. Just sitting hear on a sunny Friday morning drinking some coffee and typing this wonderful blog that about three people read.
I am finally feeling like myself again. This week I went climbing on Monday and Tuesday and felt really good, a lot better then I have in a long time. Especially Tuesday, I felt like I was flying in those torturous winds. I guess the real test to see if I am back and ready will be this weekend in Colorado springs for the Colorado college crit and Air Force Road race. For once we get a reasonable start time. Get to sleep in tomorrow and don't race till 2:20. Then Sundays road race starts at 10. I am feeling good again hoping I can pull something cool off.
Yesterday I got some sweet new kicks. Thanks to Ruby Canyon for giving me a great deal on them. I really needed these new shoes my other ones were pretty beat up.


NEW :) Hope I can go as fast as these shoes look.

Only got one more full week of school left if all goes as planed. I am planing on leaving Monday April 28th to go down to the Gila. Then get back to school that Sunday night May 4th. Go to school for a few days then leave again on May 8th to head down to fort Collins for collegiate nationals. Then come staright back to school to take some finals, then SUMMER! Got a lot of racing coming up in the next few weeks, lets just hope my legs can handle it. Kind of scared for the Gila, the longest race I have ever done and it's my first cat 2 race. Then straight for nationals hope I don't blow.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Getting back into form

This past weekend was the CSM collegiate races. It was a climbing weekend. Saturday was a ITT up lookout MT. I knew that it was going to be hard but I was ready. I talked to a lot of people that went before me and they said they blew early on, they went too hard at first and had nothing in the end. So I made sure to start a little slower then I normally would. My legs felt great but my stomach and lower back was hurting the worse. I finished 20:20 about 2 min off the winner. O well need to keep on practicing my climbing. Then yesterday was another hard crit with a climb in it that just blew up the field. I was giving it my all just to hold onto the field. I only could hold on for half of it with the group of about 8 but just couldn't. I feel back but just kept on rolling hoping not to get lapped. I didn't get lapped and finished up 12th. Not bad i guess but was hoping for better.
I am finally feel 100% healthy but am still lacking in my fitness. That will just take some time to get back.
This weekend is a stage race in Utah. I am looking forward to that. See how I do.
I just got my upgrade to a cat 2 so I am pretty excited about that. And tomorrow is my big 20!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Great Surprise!

Well Monday morning Stu gave us a call and said that he was coming to GJ for a couple of days. It was a last min thing. We all got really excited to see him since we haven't seen him since the end of last year. A little time went by and we thought he was just pulling an April fools joke. But it was for REAL. He actually showed up and we had a good time. It was a short visit but well worth it. He got a flight down here from a lady on his team that is a pilot that had to come to GJ to get the plane worked on.
We all went riding that day with coach MO and Brent. It was a lot of fun. Went climbing up the Monument, at I started out not feeling so good so just tried keeping a good pace. Then once we passed the tunnel I started getting into a fast rhythm. I passed Conor and was gaining on Stu. Just didn't have enough hill to catch him LOL. And lets just say on the way back down we almost got into some trouble by the Ranger. Never do what we did again. LOL
Then just as fast as it happened it was gone. Stu left and it was back to normal. I wish Stu would have stayed here again this year for school. O well shit happens. He gave me his skin suit with the national flag on it since I lost my other skin suit. I will just have to cover up those flags until I get my own national title. Hopefully one day. Thanks again Stu for the skin suit.
I went riding yesterday with Brent. We went into palisade and back into a head wind. It was a good couple hour ride. Then I went on my first MTB ride of the year right after that. It was pretty fun, a lot of climbing on slick rock. It was cool never really road on slick rock. Road for about two hours on the MTB. I am hoping to get some climbing legs back.
Tomorrow I will go out for a couple hour ride then head to Golden at 4. This will be my second weekend back racing since I have been sick. I feel like I am in much better shape then I was in last weekend. So I am hoping to do ok this weekend and get some points to go to collegiate nats. Saturday is a ITT hill climb up lookout mountain. I have climbed that quite a few times so I kinda know what to expect. Then Sunday is a crit. It is a new course then last year so I am hoping to play my cards smarter this weekend and get a good result. Try to help Conor defend his last win last weekend in the crit here.