Thursday, February 28, 2008

Almost Here!

Well I am still kind of sick. I feel a lot better then my last post but that probably because I am on antibiotics. I think they are helping out so I hope I am ready to drill it this weekend in New Mexico for the first collegiate race.
I have just really been going out and riding and getting some good hours in. Yesterday Conor and I went up and over the monument and it was really nice. Then today I got to ride in just shorts and a short sleeve jersey. it was so nice out compared to what we have been riding in. but every one I saw today was wearing everything they had. They made it look like it was 32 degrees out and they just looked at me funny. I road the TT bike today for about 2 hours and 45 min and I felt great so I hope I feel the same on Saturday.

We leave tomorrow for NM at 3:00 and I still don't know if I can bring my TT bike. I am hoping we can bring another car down there so we can but I wont find out till tomorrow. It's only Conor and I racing A's this weekend because the other riders are out getting connections for there pro contract? Whatever. So we will have to see if Conor and I can stir anything up this weekend. TT on Saturday 15m and then crit on Sunday.
Just sent in my upgrade forms today but still have not heard anything back yet.

Saturday, February 23, 2008


Well I have not felt so good since Valley of the sun. So I am not trying to really push my self and get me worse, so I have been just trying to get out as much as I can and just ride without really doing anything to hard. The weather has been ok but not great. We went out today for a 5 hour ride. We went out to the state line into Utah. We were rolling pretty good and my legs are pretty tired which means we did something so that's good. Gonna try to ride about as much as today so it should be a good weekend.
Less then a week until the first collegiate race in New Mexico. The is a ITT,TTT, and a crit. But we will only be doing the ITT and crit because only Conor and I are going because no one wants to go. Kinda sucks but just might do the open class in the TTT with Conor Mo and I.
Tour of California is looking pretty good. good race with only one day left hopefully it is a good last stage.

Monday, February 18, 2008

VOS 08

Well this past weekend my teammates and I headed down to Valley of the sun stage race. I was just excited to get out and ride in some warm weather. I was not expecting anything good on the bike. We mostly drove all the way down there in the snow or rain. Thursday night we stayed in Flagstaff for the night and then headed out early Saturday morning for the TT.
The TT was mostly a flat 22k course an out and back. My legs were not really feeling that good in warm up and I was just ready to go and get the TT over with. I was ready to see my 30 sec man ride away from me and the guy that started 30 sec behind me to past me very soon into the race. But it was the total opposite, I started off feeling really strong, I passed my 30 sec man very fast and I was very surprised and excited and I just kept it rolling after I knew it I was passing my 2 min man and we battled it into the finish. I ended up 15th that day.
Then the next day was the RR and I was expecting to fall off the back on the climb. But again surprised and stayed with the group the whole time. Actually half the time up near the front and trying to make a break. There was a lot of crashes and it sucked. Going up the finish on the climb it was very fast with about 6 guys a few seconds up the road but Conor closed them down and someone attacked and everyone flipped out and caused a crash. I had to slow down quite bit because of these morons so I ended up 13th but felt like I could have done better. The team road very strong and we were all surprised.
Then yesterday was the crit and I was feeling ok. Was just going to stay up front and out of danger and keep the same time. It was a fast race from the start. No crashes so it was a successful day. Ended up 31st but ended up 13th on the GC. I was very surprised and happy with my results. Compared to last year it looks like it will be a great year this year. Going to upgrade and have some fun.

Rock racing Rig

Sunday, February 10, 2008


Not a whole lot going on right now. Just riding my bike, going to class and trying to stay healthy. Classes are going ok so far. First test tomorrow so we will see how that goes. Riding is going very good. Getting some good hours out on the bike and I feel good. Past couple days been going on almost 5 hour rides and doing some intervals around the 4 hour mark and I usually am feeling pretty good when I do them which is good news. Conor and Mo

Everyone in my pod is sick so I am just taking as much vitamin C as possible. I really do not want to get sick. Get to leave to warm Arizona on Thursday morning. Friday is the TT, Saturday RR and Sunday is the Crit. I am mostly looking forward to the warm weather. I am hoping to stay with the front group but we will see. Doing a little bit different training style this year to see how that works out. But I am hoping to do pretty good. Then I get back and have a week or so before my first collegiate race. Season is coming up really fast and I can't wait for it to get
under way.
Some crazy hair after riding

Monday, February 4, 2008

TT Ride

Well today was still cold, but the roads were clear so I decided to go ahead and take out the TT bike. I thought it might be a good idea to ride it before Valley in about 2 weeks and make sure the shifting was ok and that I could push my new ring.(55t) I could tell a difference already with the new ring on. I am looking forward to see how I do in a race with it. I did about a ten min interval and I was moving. I went past a speed check at 29 mph and I think I stayed around that speed for ten min.
What a game last night. I was cheering for New York so it was even better. Close game and exciting to watch.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Snow shoe hike

Well today the weather was the same as yesderday so we decided to go do some snow shoeing today instead of going to frezze on our bikes. We went up to powderhorn and went into the back county with knee deep snow. It was a great workout and a lot of fun. We hiked up the mountain for about an hour and twenty min and dug out under a tree and stoped and ate some lunch and made a fire to warm up. I felt like i was on a survival show.

Then after we warmed up and got some fuel we started down the mountain. It was fun just running down it until i broke one of my shoes. The rest of the hike down sucked because the one show I busted kept on acting up and it was a pain in the neck. We didn't have any nice snow shoes but we managed to deal with what we had. It was a lot better then frezzing riding my bike.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Cold Ride

Well today was a new experience for me. We went out riding today when it was snowing. I don't know why but we did. Conor, Mat, Mo and I went out for abour 2 hours and 45 min. When we left the snow was coming down pretty hard. About an hour into the ride we had to stop and warm up for a little. So we stoped at a laundrey mat to dry our cloths and then back into the cold. After about an hour of snow it stoped and it was just wet and very cold out. I guess it might have been better then the trainer.