I am 23 years old and living my dream everyday! I grew up in Centennial Colorado and played every sport I could growing up. I enjoyed being outside and testing my limits with the other kids. Before I got involved in Cycling I wanted to make it big in soccer but that never happened. Once I realized soccer was a dead end street for me I had a couple of friends who raced on  a Junior cycling team and I thought it would be awesome to race and travel every weekend and it snowballed from there. Starting cycling a little later then many, I had a lot to learn. I started racing the beginning of my senior year in High School and loved every minute of it. After high school I started College at Mesa State College and joined the collegiate team. My first year I raced Mountain Bikes and Road, I started training right and racing with guys better then me and learned a lot in Collegiate Cycling! While at Mesa we won the Team Time Trial National Championships two years in a row! I graduated with a Sports Management degree and now I am racing full time for Team Exergy Professional Cycling Team. I currently am still living in Grand Junction for a few more months but plan to move to the Front Range soon.

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