Monday, August 17, 2009

Learn Cyclocross from the best

Need to touch up your skills or want to learn more about cross. Here is your chance, it is a great camp and you will learn a lot even if you are a begginer or a competitive racer, all skill levels. Cyclocross us almost here.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Over due

I have not posted anything in a long time. Summer is going well, almost done with, i start school on the 17th already. Racing has been going all right. Cascade and Nationals were all right, nothing great. I finished so that's good. I was starting to feel really good on the bike after Nats and was ready to race this past weekend. There was two crits. Saturdays race was short and technical. I felt really good the whole race fighting to stay up front, otherwise your race was over. Five laps to go it got very hectic up front. On the last lap my leg cramped really bad, the same place where i cramped in cascade. I ended up 17th which was not bad. Then yesterday was a longer crit with Shit pavement. Big names showed up for the big payout. I knew it was going to be fast and hard but i was ready, besides my leg was killing me where i cramped the day before. if felt like a knife stabbing be every pedal stroke. And today it is worse, it hurts to even walk on it. so i am going to take a little break and let it heal. I leave Wednesday to go back to GJ. I am ready to go back but not to start school. Where did the summer go. I now have a twitter account, i don't know why but i guess it is the cool thing to do.