Monday, September 29, 2008

A little break

This past weekend I decided not to race MTB in Boulder or cross races. Instead I went to Moab with Conor and our buddy josh. Left Junction at noon on Friday and made it to Moab at a good time. Went to go do some slick rock Mtb which was fun. Then we camped out and heard a mountain lion close by when we were going to bed. So we slept with a huge knife in our tent. Next morning got up and went and did some four wheeling. Then came back to junction to do some more four wheeling on little park. Then yesterday went to the air show which was also cool.

It was a good weekend to rest my legs up for a big block of hard racing coming up in the next month or so. This weekend I am racing both cross races in Frico, then the following weekend is our hike a bike race in Junction which I am not looking forward to. Then another two cross races in FOCO. The collegiate Nats in NC. Then back for the big Boulder cup. The rumor has it Lance Armstrong may show. Then off to my first Grand Prix in New Jersey. Hoping that family from New York will make it over to see what Cross is all about.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Have to make this quick because I have class in a little. PAst weekend was my first MTB race of the year. It was actually fun. Didn't crash, or flat and didn't getlast. The cyclocross race was fun, long but fun. Hit the deck hard once, my pedal hit a root and flew me over the bars in the cyclocross race on Sunday. Ended up 11th in first 1,2 race wich is not bad.

Heading off to Wyoming for another MTB race this weekend. I am actually looking at getting a new MTB but the only thing stopping me is the money.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Friday, September 12, 2008

New addiction

Well I went to my cross camp last week, got a sweet new bike. Can't wait to race it. It is not all built yet still waiting for all the parts to come in. Also found out that I will be going to all the Grand prix which I am really excited for.
I have not been riding my road bike much, mostly Mountain and cross. I can't believe I am going to be doing this but I am racing a mountain bike race this weekend in sol vista. I am actually having fun this year mountain biking. I have not raced yet, so it might be a different storey after this weekend. I will be racing the cross country race tomorrow, then Sunday me and a couple of guys are heading up to Breckenridge to do a cyclocross race. First one of the year for us all. Hope it goes as well as my first race last year where i won. but i dought it since i will be racing in the pro 1,2's.
So since i am going to be doing some MTB this year Ia m looking at buying a nice MTB. So I am selling a couple of things to get some extra money for it.
for sale:
Power tap
Chris king headset
If you want to buy any of those let me know asap.
Off to Sol Vista