Monday, October 15, 2012

Visual of the past two weeks

Since my last race in Vail, CO I took a two week road trip. One week in Grand Junction, CO and one week in CA. Here are some pictures and videos from the trip!

Riding over the Monument
Riding with Murray our old Professor from College 
Riding the tracks

High in the Mountains

Getting sucked in

Riding Mountain Bikes in Salt Lake City

Road riding in Tahoe

Mountain Biking in California

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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

2012 is a Wrap

The 2012 racing season is already done, I finished up my last race on Sunday in Vail, CO. It was the last NCC crit of the year and really the last road event in the states. The race was a tight fast course with some strong teams there. The newly crowned National crit champ Ken Hansen along with some strong teammates to help him out along with a full squad from mountain Khakis helping Luke. Then there were a lot of singe or a few guys on a team. For Exergy it was just Conor and I and the plan was for me to cover dangerous moves and have him sit in for the sprint. Everything was going to plan and I even grabbed a $500 prime in the process, then with 7 laps to go our plan got derailed. Conor flatted and it was already outside the free laps so it was up to me. I already burned almost all my matches during the race but I had to find something extra so we could walk away on a high note. I fought up front in the wind in the remaining laps to stay safe and good position. With half a lap to go Luke attacked and I felt like I was able to go but with such a narrow course there was no where to move so I had to settle for 5th. Not bad for the last race of the year.

Vail Crit, Single file!


Last few laps
Fall Colors

Now I am in Grand Junction for the week visiting friends and maybe a little riding. Then I am off to Tahoe on Friday to ride with our coach and friends and just have fun. So no more serious training or riding for a while now. This is the time of year your body can actually recover and feel like a normal person again with no ache and pains. Just have fun and let the body and mind relax. I am super excited to just chill and have fun before I ramp up for 2013 season.
I am very happy to say I will be riding the Team Exergy colors again in 2013! Its going to be a great year and I am looking forward to another great year once I rest up a bit.
Enjoy the photos over the past few weeks.

OFF Season


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