Friday, June 27, 2008


I should be on my way to Wyoming to race Dead Dog but instead I am sitting at home. The reason I am not going is because it is too expensive. My team will not pay for it like usual. This is the second weekend in a row that I can't race because it is too expensive. My team is lame, I need a team that will support me. The thing that really sucks is my legs feel great and I can't show that in a race.
Yesterday I had bad luck while I riding. I had a bee fly into my mouth a sting me in the lip. It really really hurt. I had to pull into a gas station and pull the stinger out and put ice on it to put the swelling down. And I also go two flats which sucked. It was not a good day on the bike. And to make things worse my motivation to keep on training hard is low. it has been a VERY LONG season so far and it is starting to wear on me. There still is a big chunk of the season left so i have to find a way to keep the motivation high.
Can't wait to race again.... who knows when that will be.

ut I am having fun ripping it up on my new fixi i built up.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Well this past weekend was the first Gleenwood Springs Road Race and it was a good one. First off we set off to Grand Junction on Thursday to go mow our weeds at our house in GJ. Then it was off to Rifle to spend the next couple days with coach Mo. It was a good time.
Saturday was a 75 mile Road race. It was a lot of fun with a lot of rollers until the turn around where there was a steep climb that spilt apart the field. I fell off a little but kept on chasing hard with a big group and tagged back on. By the was it was so hot out. We didn't start until 12 so it was a hot one. On the way back to the finish I could not see out of my sunglasses because there was so much sweat on them. Coming up to the finish there was a 4 man break less then a min up the road. We did not pull them back. But I felt so good with 1k to go. I really wanted to jump but just couldn't, I was a couple guys back and could not move through. It was my bad but I wish we could of used the whole road for the sprint instead of just one lane, o well. Ended up 12th which I was happy with the first pro 1/2 Road Race.
The next day was a crit downtown Gleenwood Springs and it was another HOT one. They just paved the finishing stretch. I was thinking it was going to be very fast through there but since it was so hot it was melting and was sticky. Still fast but kinda sucked. They were very fast laps, less then a min so the field split up very fast. I managed to stay with the main group. A couple guys were off the front so I attacked to get to the front group but before I knew it I heard a ticking coming from my bike so I slew down to find out what was up. I thought it was a broken spoke but it was a safety pin that went through my tire. So I got a free lap and tried to get back in, but couldn't clip into my pedal for some reason. So I pulled over again for a free lap. I thought I broke my cleat but it ended up being a rock from the new pavement that was in the pedal. So I was ready to jump back in but they didn't let me back into the main group like they were suppose to, they let me go after they passed and since they were such fast laps I could not get back on. I was pissed. And after all that hard work they didn't even place me, I should of been 17th but they didn't give me a placing. What BS. They were going to DQ Conor and I because we didn't sign the release waiver again, Didn't know I had to sign it twice for and omnium but I guess so.
Don't know my next race yet, maybe Dead Dog next weekend.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

New level

This past weekend was my first men's 1/2 race. I was really excited to race and see how my legs were looking. This was my first race since collegiate nats. Our race started at 12:30. It was the biggest 1/2 field they have ever had. With 80 guys starting and having a Slipstream, Jelly Belly and Type 1 guy at the line I knew it was going to be a hard race and I just need to hang on. So the gun went off and I mad sure to stay top half at least. with so many corners and roundabouts I knew if I was chilling on the back I would be off before I knew it. It was an hour and fifteen min race. After a little bit a breakaway formed with non of the big names I knew, so I thought we would bring them back. After a couple laps the pace speed up to bring the break back. Wow was it fast, we didn't end up bringing them back and I don't know how we were rolling. With about five laps to go I thought I was done. I was riding on the rivet and giving everything I had. The finish was the break away with about 5 guys, then our group of about 25 or so then a bigger group behind us. I ended up 29th. Not bad for m first 1/2 race.
The biggest difference between the 3's and the 1/2's that I noticed was how smooth everyone road and didn't freak out about anything. I felt so much more comfortable . Also I noticed if you just sit up a little you go back like 20 positions. And when guys make an attack they are hard and fast and if you don't go with them right away it will take a while before you catch on.
This weekend is the State TT. I am not very good at TT but I am working on that. I am really looking forward to Saturday because two Toyota United guys start right before me. Justin England starts a min before me and then Ben Day 30 sec before me. At least they are in front of me and not behind me. It is a 38k TT.