Sunday, February 27, 2011

Time is ticking by....

I can't believe that it is already March, time is flying by. I can't wait for spring time and warm weather and being light out longer. Last time I posted we were heading down to Arizona for Valley of the Sun Stage Race. It was a good time and the weather was awesome. Nothing better then walking outside in February in Shorts and sandals on. Brief race report, the TT was average I think in the middle of the pack not too bad considering that was the first effort of 2011. Then the RR was good, windy and hard, I was surprised how well I felt. With about a lap to go I was sitting in the main group and got a rear flat very fast and had to wait a little for a wheel change. There was no way I was getting back in the group with only about 14 miles to go so I just cruised the rest of the way home. The crit was a good test for the legs and they passed with flying colors. Ended up 8th in the sprint so I was happy with that.
I still have just been getting in some great base miles since then. I believe I have been lacking a good base in years past so I am really looking forward to see how this season goes with that in the tank. I will prob just keep on cruising for another couple weeks until we start collegiate racing which will be my intervals.
This weekend with my my first Triathlon. The college rec center is putting on it's first annual indoor tri. It's 20 a 20 min swim which I might drown in the a 20 min bike on the spin bike then a 20 min run on the treadmill. The thing that sucks about it is they are multiplying the disciplines which I think is lame just keep it the same and see who gets the farthest in their totals. So the swim will be x8 and the bike x1? and the run x3. I think it will be fun and a good workout so I will try to get some pictures of be dying.
Until next time...

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

First test

Well a lot has been going on since last post. Been getting some good base miles in, no intensity yet just some good riding. Found a place to live, was suppose to move in on Monday but had some complications so today is the day.
Then later this evening I will be heading down to Arizona for Valley of the Sun stage race. I am just looking forward to the warm weather and good training and probably some good IN N Out! so my first interval of the season will be Friday afternoon for the TT. OUCH!!
I am just ready for some warm weather here in GJ and get some good races in 2011.