Monday, October 29, 2007

Under the weather!

First of all, I feel like crap. I am not feeling well at all. When I breath I feel like I am wheezing and there is a lot of mucus in my chest it really sucks, I hope I am ready and in good health for this weekend the Redline Cup and Boulder Cup But my weekend was good.
On Friday night I got to Denver and went to go see Thrice and Brand New. Thrice was fantastic and the put on a really good show but Brand New sucked live I really did not like there show and everyone that I was with thought the same thing.
Saturday I went to Velo Swap. I think I had to high expatiation's going into it. I was thinking maybe more like Interbike even though I have not been there yet. But it was ok I really didn't see and great deals out there. But I got a Dura-ace 55 teeth for my TT bike and then a clear rain jacket.
Then yesterday was a Boulder CX race. I knew this race was going to be a lot bigger then the western slope series so I was kinda nervous of how I would do. There was at least 60 guys at this race not like the other races I was use to with about 15 tops. Luckily I got called up to the front line along with Conor. We started out fast and I was leading the whole first lap. There was a lot of wet sand and a long sand run up. We only got 6 laps in 45 min so it was a long course. But after leading the first lap I started drifting back i could not breath very well, my legs felt great but my throat was killing me. I guesses that is what it feels like when you are sick and race, Conor had a great race, he got 4th but might have got third if he did not crash. I got 7th not bad for not feeling too good and not being able to clip in and only being able to ride twice that week.

This weekend is going to be huge i hope. I just hope i am feeling well both my health and my legs so I can come up with a good result. There is also some good interviews with some of my teammates and coach on Velo News you should check it out!

Thursday, October 25, 2007


I am really bored just sitting at work. I have another hour left before I can go out and ride. I got to make up my Spanish test that I failed today along with the whole class so i hope i didn't fail that one to. This weekend i am off to Denver. Friday i am going to a concert to see Thrice and Brand New, the Saturday is Velo swap, then Sunday is a Boulder cyclocross race which i can't wait for. I hope it is a good turn out.
This is a pic of me before the race on Sunday checking out the course.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Bike N Slide!

Conor and I went down to Eagle this weekend for the last of the western slope series. Saturday was a great course. It was sunny out and warm. There was only about ten of us in the threes. But Conor this other guy and Me blew up the field 2 laps in the race. Then when we were on the road section the other guy attacked and I tried staying with him but he pulled away. Before i Knew it he was about 30 sec ahead of us. I was trying to real him back but it was not working. Then with one lap to go I gave it everything to try to catch him . He beat me but at the finish line he was only about 3 sec ahead of Conor and I. I got Second and Conor third.

Today was a different story. It was about 28 degrees out and 5-8 inches of snow on the ground. My brakes didn't work and my cassette was frozen so i only had one gear the whole race. Conor and I started out Strong on the front but about half way through the first lap we both slid out and crashed and everyone passes us. After a while it was getting really muddy and slick i could hardly stay up. I was surprisingly warm through out the whole race. It was really hard to clip in with about 3 laps to go because my pedals were frozen. I finished 7Th and Conor 6Th.

I finished first overall for the Western slope series so i won an independent cyclocross fork. And Conor finished 2ND. We are going to be on the font range now racing for the rest of the year. Next weekend is the Velo Swap so we are going to check that out and then on Sunday is a cross race in Boulder.
Western Slope Article

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Bad Day!

Today is not going so well. I have no clue what is going on in my Spanish class i am Failing it along with half the other students in the class. It is suppose to be a Spanish 1 class but it feels like a Spanish 4 class. I only know a few people that are passing it and that is because they took 3 years of Spanish in high school. Who need Spanish anyways? Then i thought i would go for a ride after Spanish class. I did and when i left it was 30 degrees out and then i got two flats within 2 min apart in the same tire. I hate goat heads. And i have felt bad on my bike all week. Now i have to go to work and just sit there and study Spanish. But this weekend i am off to Eagle for some cross races i hope those go a little better.


Sunday, October 14, 2007


This weekend i traveled over to Gunnison for some cross races on Saturday and Sunday. When i left GJ the weather report was rain both days all day, I thought it was going to be really muddy. We got there Saturday moring a few hours before start, and the weather was perfect, no rain. We road the course a lot in warm up to get it dialed. We watched two other guys on our team race fours right before us and Yannick won he is only 13 years old, this is his second win of the year in the Fours. After that Conor and I had the pressure to keep the wins going for the team.

Our race started quickly after the fours, I had a bad start and was somewhat in the back of the pack. Then we came up to some switch backs and i tried moving my way up and slid out on one of the corners(90 % GRASS COURSE)and some guy ran over me. So i got back up and chased for many laps until i caught on to the break of 3 with Conor in it. Then we came to another switch back and the leader slid out and took out the guy right behind him and Conor and I took off. One of the guys caught on but we dropped him after a few laps. Then Conor got first and i got second. We both crashed twice during the race because the corners we so slick. Then Brady raced the open and got third.

Today it was raining when i woke up and really cold. We got out to the race course and they really didn't switch up the course besides making it going backwards and moving the barriers into a different spot. I was warming up and sliding out of every corner. It was slipperier then yesterday. Not as many guys showed up for our race today but was still a strong field. We started strong and i was about fourth wheel back, i stayed there for a long time for the race. I was trying to take it slow in the corners so i would not slip out but that didn't help much idk how many times i feel today. But with three laps to go i attacked on the road and got a slight lead and held it the rest of the race. Conor was not to far behind me but he slid out on one of the last corners and a guy passed him, they both sprinted it out for second and it was so close idk who got it. So today i took first and Conor 2nd or third. It was def a good race weekend.

Go Rockies, i just finished watching them kick some butt, they are going to sweep the series again and go to the world series. Next game is tomorrow night at home again, it's going to be a good game.

Sunday, October 7, 2007


Well lets just say that there was a little more people this weekend. There was about 50 guys in the 3's race. It was a lot of fun. One thing that sucked was that I started near the back each day. The first 2 rows were the top rider in the omnium and since i have not raced all them i started in the back. Both days the whole race i was just trying to get up front. Saturday was good, with a bad start and a crash on the last lap finished up 14Th and Conor 15Th, and our teammate that got called up to the front Cody Cox got 2ND. Then today was also a technical course with a lot of loose gravel. Again starting in the back i moved my way up toward the front over the laps. With 3 laps to go i was in 14Th and at the finish i got 11Th. I really turned on the heat the last three laps. I just wish i could see what i could do if i could start on the front line. O and by the way it was really cold. Next week is Gunnison and i hope that it is a good turnout too.

Monday, October 1, 2007


This past weekend was my first cross race in Aspen. The courses were really technical but a lot of fun. I was def nervous going into the weekend not knowing how well i was going to do. I guess it was a good thing the cat sizes were small, a good intro. the race on Saturday had a long run up section and a good climb. After a few laps it was Conor this other guy Max and I off the front, then i took off and road away from the other two. It was a lot of fun, then on the last lap i got a flat about 100ft from the finish line in the round about, but it was ok since i had a pretty good lead. After i finished i was wondering were Conor was because he was no too far behind be going into the lat lap in 3rd place, he flatted and didn't have a spare wheel, so he had to run the whole last lap so he finished up 6Th or so. Then on Sunday another great course, again a few laps in it was Conor Max and I, After a few laps Conor went down in a corner so it was just Max and I then Conor caught up a few laps later. Then about half way through the race i noticed Conor was not behind me again, his skewer feel off his rear wheel so he had to get his wheel changed. So the rest of the race i was leading with Max right on my wheel. Then with one lap to go he tried to attack on the hill but i stayed with him, then about half way through the lap he passed me on a corner and then he barley beat me, it was a very insane lat lap. Conor still finished third with the wheel change {he just didn't have good luck this weekend} It was a great weekend and a lot of fun.