Wednesday, May 23, 2012

State to State..

Wow, I still can't believe how fast time is really moving. Being on the road all the time I guess you loose track of time. Since my last post I have raced in St. Louis for 3 days and Wilmington Delaware.  St. Louis was a very cool town that I have never been too before. The racing was good just lady luck was not on our side for the weekend. We were either caught behind crashes or involved in crashes in the closing laps of the race. You can't be lucky every time but we were all fortunate enough to leave with most of our skin!

 After a hard 3 days of racing we started our travel to Wilmington Delaware, we ended up staying in New Market Virginia for a couple days. It was some great riding there with very minimal traffic and some awesome small roads in perfect condition. Even did some dirt roads to with it up a little bit. 
cyclocross style 
Staying connected to Family & Friends

Then on Thursday we were in Wilmington and talking to Elementary schools about bike safety. The first school we went to the whole school came and listen to us talk. It is very important to teach the next generation about bike safety!!
Showing the kids our bike

Then Friday evening was a short proluge with a cobble stone climb for the finish. The course was very technical but fast. Ben was able to take 2nd and I got 6th right ahead of Conor for 7th. Then Saturday night was the main event, a cit downtown. This was a very hot race with it being in the middle of the day. It was a fast hard race but in the end we grabbed the last podium spot with Ben taking 3rd. Sunday we all participated in the Grand Fondo. I have never done a Grand Fondo before so it was kind of nice to change it up a bit and not worry about going fast and just relaxing and talking to the locals on a great scenic ride.
Now we are currently in New York visiting family before all the Americans head to SC on Friday for US Pro road nationals and the other race in New Jersey. All my relatives live in NY so it is a great opportunity to say hello since we were so close. The last time I was here was in Middle school. The riding is not super great but we make it happen.

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Saturday, May 12, 2012


Just thinking back to last week makes my legs hurt, 9 days with 7 crits, ouch! Late night crits was the theme of the week. It started out in Athens, GA for the first night then we traveled through SC and finished in Sandy Springs a week later. I am not going to write a recap of every race as that would take all day. In the end Team Exergy rode awesome and Carlos won two stages and the overall! I had a couple good days my self on the second day slipped into a break and finished 2nd and the next days finished 4th. I also grabbed the U25 jersey by the end of the week.
The team is now in St. Louis for the Tour de Grove. 3 days and 3 crits. Last night was a twilight race again and in the last two laps there were many crashes that disabled our train. Today is another shot at the win!
Here are some photos from speedweek.
Grid Qualifier 
Podium 2nd
Other angle 
Hairpin corner
Final laps
Pain Cave
Best young rider U25
St. Louis 
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