Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Training camp

First off today is the last day of mustache March and i am really happy about that. I can't wait to shave it off. The weather here feels like winter again and it sucks.
This past weekend a few guys from our new team RMCEF came to Junction to have a training camp. I didn't really know what to expect with the weather, and how my legs were going to feel since i took the week off from riding leading up to it and i didn't really know any of the guys that were coming. It all ended up being a good weekend.
The guys showed up Friday around dinner time and Tucker stayed at our place for the weekend. On Saturday we went for a long ride. We first rode to Fruita to meet up with the rest of the guys and we froze on the way out there. Then we snaked our way out to the Utah border. Then rode back to Junction and went up and over the monument and then came back to junction. It was a long day and very tiring. About 120 miles in 6 hours. I was beat when we got home. We went over to a guys house were some of the team was staying to have a team dinner. The guys that I met that are on the team are really cool guys. They all are super strong and I can't wait to race with them this summer.
Then Sunday it was VERY windy out. we were getting thrown around. We rode towards gateway and it felt like we were in a wind tunnel on the way out there. Got about 10 miles or so from gateway and turned around. that was the best part of the day. Then we hauled home with a tail wind, it was so nice.
Then yesterday I had class all day so some of the guys went up the west side of the monument and i climbed up the east side after class to catch up with them. Only got to ride with them for about 15 min yesterday then they took off to Denver. Some of the guys really want us to go to SEA OTTER with them in a couple of weeks but I just don't think I will be able to pull that off. I really want to go but just don't think it will happen this year.
This weekend we have another collegiate race in Golden CO. The weather looks like crap, 30's and snow so who knows what will happen. Saturday is a ITT hill climb up look out mountain. Then Sunday is a crit on CSM campus.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Whats up with the weather

Well this past weekend was our home race and Conor pulled off a Win again in the crit. It was a fun fast course single file the whole race and he got away with a FLC rider and took the sprint. I got 6th. The RR was so hard. got dropped at the end of lap 3 out of 4. still finished 14th.
The weather is crappy now. last weekend it was 60's to 70's and today I woke up to a little dusting of snow. RMCEF is suppose to be here today but who knows with the snow up in the mountains. Hope they make it here ok and we can get some good riding in.
Moved into a new place a week ago. Pretty sweet, a lot bigger.
Well got to run to class sorry for the short update.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Race Season

Well race season is officially under way and i am psyched. Valley of the sun went well a good first race of the season. kind of got screwed in the road race with it being neutralized 200 meter to go. But i rolled across the line 4th and got some points for it. I will take it.
This past weekend was the first collegiate races of the year. There was two crits, one on CSU campus at the oval. Then Sunday in Colorado springs for yet another crit. I was excited to see how i measured up with the collegiate scene. The CSU crit was fun. With some of the big collegiate names there. the race was 60 min and it was a little chilly out but not bad. I was feeling good the whole race staying up front and out of trouble. I tried to get off the front a couple of times but got brought back fast. Conor and Adam did the same but nothing stuck. With two laps to go people were scrambling to get to front and get good positioning. Some CU guys crashed to the left of me and feel right in front of me and I could do nothing about it and went down. I was lucky to land on some other bikes and bodies and dint get too bad of road rash but a little. My bike was fine which is good. I was kind of pissed i was up front feeling good and some idiots take me out. o well that is bike racing. I will have to get a pic up soon. Keeny took a pic of me right before i went down.
Then we took the trek to Colorado Springs for another crit the next day. This course is pretty cool with a nice kicker right before the finish and a 180 corner soon after that. i was a little stiff after the crash the day before but reedy to race. i had a good start and was up front. Attacks were going all day but nothing was going to stick. Conor Adam and I worked our asses off to bring back breaks and try to get in them. It was a tough race. I finished 13th or so, i was hoping for better but not bad for all the work i did all day. Conor killed it and got 4th. Adam worked his ass off for us and am really excited to race with him this year.
This weekend Conor and I are going to take a weekend off from collegiate racing and go down to Boise to visit STU. Conor, Tom, Mat, And I are going down to hang out with Chris. Then it is back to some more crit racing at CU and UNC. Lets hope we can pull it all together for a win.