Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Valley of the Sun

Well it was nice to get out of the cold weather for a little while and hang in Arizona for a few days. The two Germans, Brent, Keeny, Conor and I drove down to Arizona Wednesday afternoon. It was a long day for me having to wake up at 4am for work in the morning and not going to bed till after 1 am once we got to Arizona. But before we settled in our place we hit up the first In N Out we saw, it was delicious. We sleep in on Thursday and woke up to warm weather. It was great we got out for a little bit to open up the legs again for Fridays TT.

The TT went as well as it could, got a bike fit from German # 1 a couple of days before we left. Raised the seat height by 3 cm at least and I actually looked aero for once. I felt good and shaved a few seconds off from the previous year. Then Saturday was a 90 mile road race with 400 ft or so of climbing per lap. I was going to take it chill the whole race and sit in and see if I could do something on the last lap. But it was really hard to get away and stay away. A lot of people tried thorough out the race but nothing stuck, so it came down to a bunch sprint at the top of the climb. I was feeling really good and felt like I was going to get a good result. However once we hit 2k to go everyone goes crazy and forgets how to ride and just rides dumb. So once we got past the craziness I was feeling good until 500 m to go I just shut down and had nothing left. Finished somewhere in the mid 20's, not too bad considering I was just going there for warmth, In N Out and some good training. The crit was Sunday afternoon and it was nice and warm. I wanted to get in a break or grab some primes and hope maybe conor could just sit in and get a good result. Right from the gun Conor went with an attack but got reeled back soon. Opened up his legs and sat in the rest of the time. I went with attacks and made attacks and but nothing stuck. I road very aggressive and felt really good for the first crit but with 3 laps to go I knew I was not getting away and sat in. Conor had good position up front and ended up 3rd in the sprint which was great.

Now I am back in Junction depressed from going to very nice warm weather to crappy snowy weather. It sucks but I got to keep on training through it. Collegiate season is starting in a few weeks and we will have a STRONG team this year. I can't wait to race with a team for once. Then the summer will be great to. I just got some good racing coming up very soon. Until next time…

Saturday, February 6, 2010


Haven't posted on here in a long time. I am just going to school and riding my bike as much as possible. It's going to be a good year. The weather here in Junction has really sucked lately, it hasn't even hit the 40's since we started school, or at least that is what it feels like. Yesterday was the nicest day, it was perfect out, prob still in the 30's but it was nice and today it is snowing. I HATE the snow, I just want it to warm up.
Next Wednesday 6 of us are heading down to Arizona for Valley Of the Sun Stage Race. Looking forward to warm weather and wearing shorts and getting some good miles in. Just going down there for fun and training, not looking for a good result, but if it presents it's self that would be great. Looking forward to some In N Out, Yumm.
Pretty stocked just got a Garmin 705, it's pretty sweet. I don't know how to use all the things on it yet but it's got a lot. Look out for Mesa this year, we are going to KILL it. Cant wait, about a month till the first collegiate race. I need to get a camera so i can post pics on here but I lost my camera a while ago. i hate when that happens. Until next time.