Thursday, June 18, 2009

Racing Again!

This past week Conor and I went back to Junction to ride and get ready for our first race back since Collegiate Nationals. I was excited to get back racing and see how my legs were doing. So we rode for a week in Junction, then raced Friday, Saturday and Sunday in Glenwood Springs. Friday we had a ten mile TT, and some big boys showed up. Lance Armstrong and Levi showed up to show us how it was done. It is cool to say that I have raced against those guys. I always see them on TV and now i am racing with them is pretty cool. I was already out on course when they started so i saw them when i was coming into the finish. They smoked everyone but it was still cool to see them out there.

Saturday was the 70 mile RR. There were some guys from Garmin, Bisell, and Ouch so i knew it was going to be a hard race. i was feeling good the whole race. When we hit the dirt section i knew i had to be in good position. After a few miles on the dirt my computer stopped working and i thought my magnet moved or something. Then i looked down and my sensor came loose and was rubbing against my spokes. So i decided to stop and take it off. i had to take my wheel off and slide the sensor off. Once i got my wheel back on i had to chase hard to get contact with the group again. Once i made contact we went up a pretty steep climb and i just couldn't hold on anymore. I used a lot of energy catching back on. So i just rode back to the finish with a small group.
Sunday was the crit and i was really looking forward to it. it is a very fast and technical course. I had a good start and stayed near the front of the race the whole time. i tried going in a few breaks but they were brought back. On the last lap i was sitting third wheel and feeling good. Then a lot of guys swarmed the front and i moved back a lot. So on one of the last corners to move up i went up the right hand side and moved up quit a bit. i ended up 8th witch i am pretty happy with, but i think i could have done a lot better.
Now i am just riding a lot and getting ready for Dead Dog Next weekend. I am feeling good and am hoping i get stronger and get my upgrade soon.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Summer Break

Well School has been done for a few weeks and it has be nice to worrying about it. I went to Vegas A couple weeks ago for the first time with good friends and it was a good time. I didn't win big, actually i didn't win at all but it was a lot of fun.Conor won $400 on a penny slot within the first few hours of being in Vegas so that was cool. Did a lot of walking to stay in shape. I took that time off the bike and it was nice to take a little break before i get into full swing of summer racing.
Right now I am not racing i am just riding for long hrs to build back my fitness. My first race back will be the Gleenwood race. The weather today is really crappy so i hope it clears up soon. Going up to Fort Collins at the end of the week to ride and hang out with friends. Then I am heading to GJ on Monday to ride also and get ready for Gleewood.