Monday, April 27, 2009

Getting serious

School is almost done with and that means racing is really getting underway for me. Got back from Salt Lake City last night after some hard racing. It was conference finals and i was hoping to get a good result but i had some bad luck instead. Saturday morning was the TTT. We have not even practiced a TTT yet so we knew it was going to be interesting. It was raining when we got to the race and it did not look like it was going to clear. We had about a ten min warm up before. my legs felt ok during warm up but i really didn't get much intensity in it. it started off ok, took a little to get into formation. then my legs were not firing correctly and i got dropped pretty quick. Kinda sucked but the other three finished strong in 6th place hope we can get it together before Nats in two weeks. Then later that night at 7 we had out crit. it had 12 corners and a kicker to the finish. I was feeling really good all race. Conor or I were in just about in every break and when it got brought back we would counter, but nothing stuck. I attacked once on the hill and caley from CSU came across really fast and blew by me. he sat up until i could grab his wheel but by the time i got there i wanted to puke to bad. brought it back quick. Then the last lap i was top five or so and a FLC rider goes down two in front of me. I have to idea how i didn't go down. but had to stop and unclip. I tried chasing back on but in a crit on the last lap it is usually not going slow. caught on to the back of the group and coasted in. I was pretty mad because i was feeling really good. Just glad i didn't go down on my new bike.
Then Sunday was a circuit race. they had to move the race because it was snowing where the road race was supposed to be held. it was about a 7 mile lap or so, pretty flat the whole way. Right off the bat 6 riders were off the front with every school represented besides us and DU. So we worked really well together to try to bring them back. We were up there for about 4 laps going all out before we knew we were not bringing them back. thats when the bigger teams started picking on us. they would send one or two fresh riders off the front and it would just kill us trying to cover them. Ended up getting into a small group off the front of the peloton on the last lap but was still placed in the teens.
Now i am trying to get all my school work done before i head to New Mexico tomorrow for the tour of the Gila. i have not signed up yet but will get on that. I am excited to race, my legs feel like they are coming back to form again. Then we come back on Sunday and then leave Thursday for collegiate nats in Fort Collins Colorado. Then come back and take finals, then summer

TTT Start


Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Resting up

This past weekend was the FLC home races. A TTT, Crit and RR were in order. I was looking forward to racing because the past two weekends were canceled. I didn't know what to expect what my legs would do with no racing in the legs for a while.
We woke up Saturday morning bright and early for the TTT. It was not bad out when I went to breakfast but once we got to breakfast it started raining pretty good. then followed by some big snow flakes. they ended up canceling the TTT a little bit later. So just sat around until the crit.

It looked like it was clearing up. The roads started drying up. But once we lined up it started raining again. About half way through the race it was sleeting and it hurt the face. Didn't really have a good race, ended up in the pack but was hoping for better.Then Sunday was the RR with a steep mile climb or so in each lap. we did 9 laps at 6 miles a lap. I was feeling ok until we hit the climb, every lap i struggled to hang on and eventually popped. still finished but nothing great. Just had a bad weekend. They can't all be good.
I am about ready to go to the local Tuesday night ride/race at six. I am just going to sit in today and see how the legs feel. i think i am getting tired/sick so I am just going to ride. This weekend we are headed to Colorado springs for some racing. Air force is having a TTT, Crit, and RR. I hear the crit is in a parking lot. LAME. I think i will be going there working for Adam. Just hope my legs start to come around. Got the Gila and collegiate nats coming up within a month.
Picking up my new frame this weekend. hope i can build it up next week and have it ready to go by Utah.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Lazy weekend

It was nice to have just a relaxing weekend at home again. Didn't have much on the agenda, just ride a little bit and study. The races this weekend were canceled due to bad weather in Golden. On Saturday it was a bit chilly out and i was not motivated to go outside. It was snowing off and on and i didn't really want to freeze outside and I really don't want to risk getting sick at this time of year. It is a long season and some big races are coming up in about a month. So i decided to ride the trainer and watch a movie. Today was a bit nicer, still a little chill in the air but went and spun the legs for a few hours. Then came back and watch Tour of Flanders. Now I have to study for my math test tomorrow which i need to pass.
Next weekend is Fort Lewis races. A TTT, Crit, and a RR which goes right through campus. Pretty cool hope we have good legs. Mesa is sitting 2nd right now in the conference. Pretty good considering we only have a handful of racers.