Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Crunch Time

Everything is all coming together at once right now. Trying to get everything done before I can take a break. This week is the last week of classes and next week is Finals. Once I am done with Finials it is off to CX Nats. Trying to study and being able to ride good at nats is a fun task. This cross season it could be summed up with Bad Luck. This season nothing seems to be going my way. Every race this year I have had some type of mechanical or flats etc. I am starting to feel really good racing now so that is a plus. I only need one race to go perfect and that is nats so if it goes good there I will be happy. Looks like Conor and I will actually have a really good team this summer to race for. Really looking forward to racing with a high notch team. Ready to learn a lot and have fun.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

That's Cross Racing

This past weekend was some racing is Castle Rock on Saturday and Boulder on Sunday. We arrived to the race pretty early on Saturday to make sure our bikes were running good because this was the first race on our new cross bikes. We rode the course a couple of times and it was really muddy. It was about a 2 mile course which is pretty long for a cross course. I was ready to race and was able to line up second row which was huge; usually I am in the back row. With about 30 sec to the start I noticed I had a flat rear tire. I was going to try to ride it a lap to the pit which was at the end of the lap but once I hit the cement I knew w I was done. Luckily Jeff was standing there with his small MTB so I grabbed that and started racing. His bike was too small for me and he had different pedals then mine so I couldn’t clip in so it was a hard lap. I finally made it to the pit to switch bikes. At this point I was at least 2 min back from the last guy in the race, and who knows how much to the leaders. So I started passing guys one by one. Then just about when I started rolling I went through this swap area and went flying over the bars. I hit a rock or something at the bottom of the mud pit and just went swimming in the swamp. I got up very slowly loosing even more time. I bent my hood pretty good and my brakes were rubbing. So once I got to the pit I switched bikes again. At this time I really just wanted to pull the plug, but I didn’t give up and keep on passing people. I ended up 12th witch was not too bad considering all the mishaps I had. I just really wished I could have had a better race. Then we woke up Sunday to some flurries coming down. We drove out the Boulder Reservoir to race, Conor decided before we got there that he was not going to race because he crashed hard the day before and was getting a cold. So we watched some of the earlier races and I noticed that everyone was running A LOT. So I went and pre rode the course which was mostly sand and a lot of it you had to run. I wanted to ride my bike not run it. The weather was getting bad and the passes sounded like they were going to get pounded on. So I decided not to race so we could get home before the passes got worse.

on the first lap riding the small MTB

This weekend is the Boulder cup races. I can’t wait it should be some sweet racing. I am just hoping not to get lapped, that would be cool. The weather right now looks cold this weekend in Boulder so I hope the mountains don’t get too much snow so we can make it over on Friday. It is snowing here now in Junction so I really hope the passes clear up by Friday.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


I survived this weekend of mountain bike racing. It was our home races this past weekend the RMCCC conference finals. Saturday was a technical short track. I guesses if you want a front row start you need to get to the start at least 15 min before the race starts. I didn't get that memo so I started in the last row. 30 sec into the race it shoots into a single track and I was the last guy into it, perfect. I was waiting to get lapped the whole race but didn't happen. I was passing a lot of guys through out the race. On the last lap i bobbled a little and two guys passed me, but o well I didn't fall so that's good.

Short track

The Sunday was the cross country race, i was actually looking forward to this race. I got very familiar with the course so I felt confident I would do well. The skies were black all morning threatening to down poor. We started in dry conditions, then about half way through the first lap you felt some rain drops, then it just stated pissing from the skies. So on our second lap it was a mud fest slip and slide. so pretty much everyone gave up and was walking a lot a trying to stay up right. When the dirt gets wet out there it turns to concrete. So I was hoping to would just cut the race short. On the last switch backs before the finish i decided to do a superman over the bars.Ouch was not expecting that but got up rolled to the finish and i was done. the called the race 2 laps in out of 4. I was happy but i wish it was dry the whole race so we could of done it all. O well I didn't get too hurt so that's always good.

Me right after I did my superman

Less then a week we are off to collegiate MTB nats in Truckee California. Should be a fun time, my goal is not to hurt myself, just have a fun time. Just cant wait for IN N OUT!
This weekend I am hoping to make my way down to Denver to do some Cross racing. Just hope the passes stay clear but it doesn't look that way so I will have to wait and see.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Take Action Oct 24 350.org

Dear fellow cyclists:

Riding our bikes on roads and trails, we have access to parts of the world few of our fellow citizens ever see, and enjoy scenery that most people don’t notice whizzing by at 65 mph. By being active outdoors during all seasons, we as cyclists surely take note of our changing climate patterns – and we are able to directly impact climate change by choosing to ride our bike more instead of drive. We're asking you as a cyclist to take action on Oct. 24 in a one-day project that we hope will have some measurable impact on changing the world.

You spend much of your time riding your bike out in the elements. It is likely that you’ve noticed your local weather patterns getting less stable, less consistent, and more volatile. Climate change is having a direct impact on our world weather through significant melting of glaciers. In fact, scientists who have drilled glacial cores around the world tell us this melt is happening ever faster, to the point where in our lifetimes it may endanger billions of people, ecosystems, food production and more. So far, though, the political response to climate change has been too slow!

The cycling response has been great: 350.org is lucky to have the CLIF BAR Development Cyclo-Cross Team, Kashi Leuchs, Ted King, Adam Craig, Tom Danielson, Heather Irmiger, Lea Davison and more riders and teams supporting our cause.

Now, with the crucial negotiations looming on the horizon at the United Nations Climate Change Conference this December in Copenhagen, we can do something to help change that. The world's foremost climatologist, NASA's James Hansen, and his team last year declared that 350 parts per million co2 was the most carbon we could safely have in the atmosphere. That's a tough number, because we're already past it. At the moment, the atmosphere holds 387 ppm co2, which is why glaciers and Arctic sea ice are melting. Indeed, this research team cautioned that unless we got back below that number, then eventually the earth might well be ice-free.

The planet will scrub some of that co2, but only if we stop pouring more in. To move political leaders to take this seriously, 350.org is organizing a huge global day of action on Oct. 24, designed to drum that number into every head on the planet. So: we urge you to ride somewhere notable and visible on October 24 – by yourself, with a group, or at a race - and figure out some way to make the number 350 visible. What we'll need by day's end if possible, is a photo, uploaded to the web, of whatever 350 bike ride action you've figured out to do. We need a picture of you and 350.

A few days beforehand or a day or two after will work as well - the goal is simply to take this obscure number, arguably the most important number in the world, and make it the most well-known 3 digits on the planet. If we do, then it will set the bar for negotiators. At the very least, we'll have helped let the rest of the world know what the crucial reality facing the planet is.

If you can help, please contact Jamie Henn at Jamie@350.org.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Cyclocross season is here!

This past weekend was my first cyclocross race of the year in Breckenridge. I was really excited to start racing cross again and to see if I remembered how to dismount and run with my bike. Before this weekend I only road my cross bike for about an hour the week before and I felt pretty good but that was with no barrier in front of me. Once you actually have to jump over something it becomes a mental game. I was a little worried about running because two weeks before this I crashed pretty hard in a collegiate mountain bike race. I smacked my upper thigh pretty hard onto a rock and could barley bend it for a couple of days. So when I ran it really hurt. But I was not going to let that stop me from racing my bike.
I got to Brek about two hours before the start of my race. I warmed up really good and pre road the course a couple of times and really liked it. It looked like it was going to rain but it held out until the last lap so that was nice. The start of a cross race is very important. If you have a good start it is a lot easier to do well in the race. Unfortunately that was not the case for me. I got to the start about five min before the race but everyone else was already lined up, so i started near the back in the middle, and with the course pretty much shooting into a single track right off the bat I knew I had a lot of work ahead of me. I started moving up pretty quick and starting to get closer to the leaders. I was feeling really good and finally caught up to Conor and Robin and worked good together. Then it was Conor and I chasing the leaders down and really working hard but feeling good. With three laps to go I got a flat rear tire so that was my race. I was to far to get a wheel change so I just had to pull out. Kind of a disappointment that I had to pull out but at the same time I was feeling good so that a plus. It is early in the season so I will have many more opportunities. This weekend I will be racing again on Saturday in Boulder so I cant wait. You can feel the chill in the air now and that only means it is CYCLOCROSS season. I am really looking forward to the season and getting some good results. Can't wait.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Off to a rough start

Well this past weekend was my first weekend racing collegiate MTB of the year. I was looking forward to racing and testing out my new bike. We got to Beaver Meadows were the races were held at about 1030is at night and set our tents up and went to bed. woke up early the next morning for the short track race. it was a pretty cool course. I had an ok start and felt pretty good throughout the whole race. ended up 16th or something so not too bad. Then we ate some food and went to go pre ride the XC course for Sundays race. It was a pretty cool course with some good climbing and technical descending and i was feeling confident. Saturday night was cold, with some flurries and rain. Sunday morning was a lot nicer, the sun was out and it was warming up. Lined up at the start with probably around 50 or so racers ready to pin it to get to the single track like a min up the road. It started very fast like i was expecting and 30 sec into the races this metro guy tries to squeeze through a gap which was to small and clipped the csu riders bars right in front of me and they both went down hard, had to jam on the brakes and wait for them to move and i continued on. Started chasing and was feeling good climbing. then just about when the decent was starting I was coming up to a river crossing where I was going to dismount and run across, when i was just about to get off i believe i hit some roots and went flying over the bars. Smashing my upper thigh and shoulder hard onto a rock. I tried standing up and continue racing but i tried standing and couldn't. I thought i broke or a bone or something. So i sat there on the side of the trail as everyone else was racing. i sat there for about twenty min and then Garrison came through and carried my bike across the river and i walked across the river and then sat there for about ten min until i could get on my bike. I pedaled on legged down the trail because i could not bend my left leg very well or put any pressure on it. I found a fire road and coasted the rest of the way down. I got some ice on it and just waited to leave. Today my leg hurts really bad and i cant bend it that much. It's weird there is no bruises or anything, very tender to touch too. I am hoping it feels better soon. Planing on doing the cross country mtb race this weekend in sol vista and race my first cyclocross race of the year on Sunday just really hope my leg feels better by then,. But it is still early in the cross season so if it still hurts by this weekend i will just have to rest and let it heal up.

Short Track

Short Track

Short track

XC racers

Icing my leg after the crash

Friday, September 11, 2009

MTB Season

Looks like I will be doing some collegiate Mountain Biking again this season. I actually have a nice bike this year that is mine. A stumpjumper FSR 29er it is a really fun bike. Heading off to Fort Collins today at 3 for some racing this weekend. The other day I went over the bars pretty good so lets hope I feel ok this weekend and stay up right. Hope it is not too cold. I am off to class now to take a test, I will post something on Monday recapping my first MTB race of the season.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Learn Cyclocross from the best

Need to touch up your skills or want to learn more about cross. Here is your chance, it is a great camp and you will learn a lot even if you are a begginer or a competitive racer, all skill levels. Cyclocross us almost here.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Over due

I have not posted anything in a long time. Summer is going well, almost done with, i start school on the 17th already. Racing has been going all right. Cascade and Nationals were all right, nothing great. I finished so that's good. I was starting to feel really good on the bike after Nats and was ready to race this past weekend. There was two crits. Saturdays race was short and technical. I felt really good the whole race fighting to stay up front, otherwise your race was over. Five laps to go it got very hectic up front. On the last lap my leg cramped really bad, the same place where i cramped in cascade. I ended up 17th which was not bad. Then yesterday was a longer crit with Shit pavement. Big names showed up for the big payout. I knew it was going to be fast and hard but i was ready, besides my leg was killing me where i cramped the day before. if felt like a knife stabbing be every pedal stroke. And today it is worse, it hurts to even walk on it. so i am going to take a little break and let it heal. I leave Wednesday to go back to GJ. I am ready to go back but not to start school. Where did the summer go. I now have a twitter account, i don't know why but i guess it is the cool thing to do.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Not what I was hoping for.

This past weekend was the Dead Dog Classic in Wyoming. It is a two day stage races with 3 races total. Conor and I headed up to Fort Collins Friday night to spend the night and leave for Wyoming early Saturday morning for the RR. We were running late and when we got there hoped out of the car, picked up our numbers and got ready and rolled to the start. Didn't get to spin the legs before the race. Going into the day I knew it was going to be hard, a lot of climbing which is not my speciality. So i was hoping to hang on. It started a lot faster then I thought. But as i expected I got dropped on the climb out. Kind of disappointing.

Saturday was the Crit and i was looking for revenge. The plan for the team was to keep on attacking like crazy until one of us got in the break. there was three of us so we took our turns attacking and finally Ian got in a break with about 8 other guys. All i could do after he got in the break was hold on for dear life. Teams had there whole teams on the front and count bring back the break. ian ended up 7th and i managed to hang on and finish with the main group. Kinda disappointing i was hoping for better but at least our teammate was in the break.

Then the TT was right after. They said it was a flat 10 mile course and i really did not want to race since I was well out of a good spot in the GC. I looked at my start time and barley warmed up, i was so unmotivated to race. I rolled to the start a min or so before my start and the official said i was suppose to go off a min before. So i guess i missed my start so that made me even more unmotivated so i pretty much just road the TT. No real hard efforts, just wanted to finish. O and it was far from flat. i don't know how they consider that flat.
So my next race is next weekend a crit which i hope i can do well. Then Boise twilight, Cascade, then u23 nats.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Racing Again!

This past week Conor and I went back to Junction to ride and get ready for our first race back since Collegiate Nationals. I was excited to get back racing and see how my legs were doing. So we rode for a week in Junction, then raced Friday, Saturday and Sunday in Glenwood Springs. Friday we had a ten mile TT, and some big boys showed up. Lance Armstrong and Levi showed up to show us how it was done. It is cool to say that I have raced against those guys. I always see them on TV and now i am racing with them is pretty cool. I was already out on course when they started so i saw them when i was coming into the finish. They smoked everyone but it was still cool to see them out there.

Saturday was the 70 mile RR. There were some guys from Garmin, Bisell, and Ouch so i knew it was going to be a hard race. i was feeling good the whole race. When we hit the dirt section i knew i had to be in good position. After a few miles on the dirt my computer stopped working and i thought my magnet moved or something. Then i looked down and my sensor came loose and was rubbing against my spokes. So i decided to stop and take it off. i had to take my wheel off and slide the sensor off. Once i got my wheel back on i had to chase hard to get contact with the group again. Once i made contact we went up a pretty steep climb and i just couldn't hold on anymore. I used a lot of energy catching back on. So i just rode back to the finish with a small group.
Sunday was the crit and i was really looking forward to it. it is a very fast and technical course. I had a good start and stayed near the front of the race the whole time. i tried going in a few breaks but they were brought back. On the last lap i was sitting third wheel and feeling good. Then a lot of guys swarmed the front and i moved back a lot. So on one of the last corners to move up i went up the right hand side and moved up quit a bit. i ended up 8th witch i am pretty happy with, but i think i could have done a lot better.
Now i am just riding a lot and getting ready for Dead Dog Next weekend. I am feeling good and am hoping i get stronger and get my upgrade soon.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Summer Break

Well School has been done for a few weeks and it has be nice to worrying about it. I went to Vegas A couple weeks ago for the first time with good friends and it was a good time. I didn't win big, actually i didn't win at all but it was a lot of fun.Conor won $400 on a penny slot within the first few hours of being in Vegas so that was cool. Did a lot of walking to stay in shape. I took that time off the bike and it was nice to take a little break before i get into full swing of summer racing.
Right now I am not racing i am just riding for long hrs to build back my fitness. My first race back will be the Gleenwood race. The weather today is really crappy so i hope it clears up soon. Going up to Fort Collins at the end of the week to ride and hang out with friends. Then I am heading to GJ on Monday to ride also and get ready for Gleewood.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Collegiate Nationals wrap-up

Well collegiate Nats went pretty well this year. We got to FOCO Thursday night in time for the riders meeting. Then after that signed in and went to pre drive the RR course. The course was a little different than last year. A lot more climbing. The first climb split the group up pretty well. I barley hung in there. got dropped but chased back into the lead group of about 20-30. Then once we hit the flats no one would work at all, and most of the guys who got dropped on the climbs caught back on. Once we started the laps a couple guys were off the front. About half way through the lap I went with an attack which got brought back fast. Then Conor counter attacked right away and i sat on the front making sure the whole group didn't bring him back. i let about 4 guys bridge up to him so he had someone to work with and i was sitting on the front making it look like i was going hard, rocking the shoulders and mouth wide open. But the funny part was I was not even going hard and i couldn't believe no one would come around me. it was crazy. the break lasted to the finish and Conor got third. I got 2nd in the pack finish and ended up 11th. Not bad day.
Then Saturday was the crit bright and early. my legs were feeling really good and our plan for the day was to get Conor and i as much prime points as we could. I was marking the guys who may be going for the overall. I was in a couple breaks but noting stayed away that i was in. Two guys managed to stay off the front. I ended up 8th on the day and Conor got 10th. Another good day but not good enough to get Conor the overall. Conor ended up 2nd overall and i got 7th. O well, guess we will have to step up even more next year.
Sunday morning was the TTT really early. We were the first team off at 8:02. It was in the 30's and raining and it sucked. We only had 3 guys doing the TTT because Brent's Knees have been hurting for a while. We got DFL. lol o well we were not really looking for a good result in the TTT.

Now i am resting for a while taking sometime off the bike. I had four of my finals yesterday and now I have one more tomorrow and then it is summer. Next Friday i am going to Vegas with some friends, i can't wait it should be a good time.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Well got back from the Gila late Sunday night early Monday morning. Nothing great at the gila, just average. The first day i lasted till the last climb and got dropped. lost fifteen min there. ouch. Then the next day i wanted to get in a break like i did last year. About half way through the race i felt like crap so i went for it. I was just trying to bring back the break but Conor didnt know that and sat up a little and i went off the front and caught a guy in no mans land from Rio Grande. We worked well together, then a chase group of six caught us. There was still three up the road, but we were working well together. My legs were on the verge of cramping the last 20 miles. I did as much as the work i could do without going overboard. The three lasted to the finish so we were fighting for fourth. i knew i didn't have much so just sat in a passed a few guys in the finishing stretch. Ended up 6th on the day so the same as last year. The TT was ok nothing great. Crit was decent, tried going off the front a few times but got brought back. Then the last day i sat in all day trying to save it for the climb. Got dropped on the first cat 2 climb wth two miles to the summit, fought back and caught back to the group with one mile to summit. then lasted till the last climb. was not up front for the first surge up the climb so i was not to far behind. felt good climbing.
Now i am just resting keeping the legs fresh for collegiate nationals this weekend. We leave Thursday after class and the RR is Friday, Crit Saturday and TTT Sunday. Wish me luck, hoping for a great result.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Getting serious

School is almost done with and that means racing is really getting underway for me. Got back from Salt Lake City last night after some hard racing. It was conference finals and i was hoping to get a good result but i had some bad luck instead. Saturday morning was the TTT. We have not even practiced a TTT yet so we knew it was going to be interesting. It was raining when we got to the race and it did not look like it was going to clear. We had about a ten min warm up before. my legs felt ok during warm up but i really didn't get much intensity in it. it started off ok, took a little to get into formation. then my legs were not firing correctly and i got dropped pretty quick. Kinda sucked but the other three finished strong in 6th place hope we can get it together before Nats in two weeks. Then later that night at 7 we had out crit. it had 12 corners and a kicker to the finish. I was feeling really good all race. Conor or I were in just about in every break and when it got brought back we would counter, but nothing stuck. I attacked once on the hill and caley from CSU came across really fast and blew by me. he sat up until i could grab his wheel but by the time i got there i wanted to puke to bad. brought it back quick. Then the last lap i was top five or so and a FLC rider goes down two in front of me. I have to idea how i didn't go down. but had to stop and unclip. I tried chasing back on but in a crit on the last lap it is usually not going slow. caught on to the back of the group and coasted in. I was pretty mad because i was feeling really good. Just glad i didn't go down on my new bike.
Then Sunday was a circuit race. they had to move the race because it was snowing where the road race was supposed to be held. it was about a 7 mile lap or so, pretty flat the whole way. Right off the bat 6 riders were off the front with every school represented besides us and DU. So we worked really well together to try to bring them back. We were up there for about 4 laps going all out before we knew we were not bringing them back. thats when the bigger teams started picking on us. they would send one or two fresh riders off the front and it would just kill us trying to cover them. Ended up getting into a small group off the front of the peloton on the last lap but was still placed in the teens.
Now i am trying to get all my school work done before i head to New Mexico tomorrow for the tour of the Gila. i have not signed up yet but will get on that. I am excited to race, my legs feel like they are coming back to form again. Then we come back on Sunday and then leave Thursday for collegiate nats in Fort Collins Colorado. Then come back and take finals, then summer

TTT Start


Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Resting up

This past weekend was the FLC home races. A TTT, Crit and RR were in order. I was looking forward to racing because the past two weekends were canceled. I didn't know what to expect what my legs would do with no racing in the legs for a while.
We woke up Saturday morning bright and early for the TTT. It was not bad out when I went to breakfast but once we got to breakfast it started raining pretty good. then followed by some big snow flakes. they ended up canceling the TTT a little bit later. So just sat around until the crit.

It looked like it was clearing up. The roads started drying up. But once we lined up it started raining again. About half way through the race it was sleeting and it hurt the face. Didn't really have a good race, ended up in the pack but was hoping for better.Then Sunday was the RR with a steep mile climb or so in each lap. we did 9 laps at 6 miles a lap. I was feeling ok until we hit the climb, every lap i struggled to hang on and eventually popped. still finished but nothing great. Just had a bad weekend. They can't all be good.
I am about ready to go to the local Tuesday night ride/race at six. I am just going to sit in today and see how the legs feel. i think i am getting tired/sick so I am just going to ride. This weekend we are headed to Colorado springs for some racing. Air force is having a TTT, Crit, and RR. I hear the crit is in a parking lot. LAME. I think i will be going there working for Adam. Just hope my legs start to come around. Got the Gila and collegiate nats coming up within a month.
Picking up my new frame this weekend. hope i can build it up next week and have it ready to go by Utah.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Lazy weekend

It was nice to have just a relaxing weekend at home again. Didn't have much on the agenda, just ride a little bit and study. The races this weekend were canceled due to bad weather in Golden. On Saturday it was a bit chilly out and i was not motivated to go outside. It was snowing off and on and i didn't really want to freeze outside and I really don't want to risk getting sick at this time of year. It is a long season and some big races are coming up in about a month. So i decided to ride the trainer and watch a movie. Today was a bit nicer, still a little chill in the air but went and spun the legs for a few hours. Then came back and watch Tour of Flanders. Now I have to study for my math test tomorrow which i need to pass.
Next weekend is Fort Lewis races. A TTT, Crit, and a RR which goes right through campus. Pretty cool hope we have good legs. Mesa is sitting 2nd right now in the conference. Pretty good considering we only have a handful of racers.



Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Training camp

First off today is the last day of mustache March and i am really happy about that. I can't wait to shave it off. The weather here feels like winter again and it sucks.
This past weekend a few guys from our new team RMCEF came to Junction to have a training camp. I didn't really know what to expect with the weather, and how my legs were going to feel since i took the week off from riding leading up to it and i didn't really know any of the guys that were coming. It all ended up being a good weekend.
The guys showed up Friday around dinner time and Tucker stayed at our place for the weekend. On Saturday we went for a long ride. We first rode to Fruita to meet up with the rest of the guys and we froze on the way out there. Then we snaked our way out to the Utah border. Then rode back to Junction and went up and over the monument and then came back to junction. It was a long day and very tiring. About 120 miles in 6 hours. I was beat when we got home. We went over to a guys house were some of the team was staying to have a team dinner. The guys that I met that are on the team are really cool guys. They all are super strong and I can't wait to race with them this summer.
Then Sunday it was VERY windy out. we were getting thrown around. We rode towards gateway and it felt like we were in a wind tunnel on the way out there. Got about 10 miles or so from gateway and turned around. that was the best part of the day. Then we hauled home with a tail wind, it was so nice.
Then yesterday I had class all day so some of the guys went up the west side of the monument and i climbed up the east side after class to catch up with them. Only got to ride with them for about 15 min yesterday then they took off to Denver. Some of the guys really want us to go to SEA OTTER with them in a couple of weeks but I just don't think I will be able to pull that off. I really want to go but just don't think it will happen this year.
This weekend we have another collegiate race in Golden CO. The weather looks like crap, 30's and snow so who knows what will happen. Saturday is a ITT hill climb up look out mountain. Then Sunday is a crit on CSM campus.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Whats up with the weather

Well this past weekend was our home race and Conor pulled off a Win again in the crit. It was a fun fast course single file the whole race and he got away with a FLC rider and took the sprint. I got 6th. The RR was so hard. got dropped at the end of lap 3 out of 4. still finished 14th.
The weather is crappy now. last weekend it was 60's to 70's and today I woke up to a little dusting of snow. RMCEF is suppose to be here today but who knows with the snow up in the mountains. Hope they make it here ok and we can get some good riding in.
Moved into a new place a week ago. Pretty sweet, a lot bigger.
Well got to run to class sorry for the short update.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Race Season

Well race season is officially under way and i am psyched. Valley of the sun went well a good first race of the season. kind of got screwed in the road race with it being neutralized 200 meter to go. But i rolled across the line 4th and got some points for it. I will take it.
This past weekend was the first collegiate races of the year. There was two crits, one on CSU campus at the oval. Then Sunday in Colorado springs for yet another crit. I was excited to see how i measured up with the collegiate scene. The CSU crit was fun. With some of the big collegiate names there. the race was 60 min and it was a little chilly out but not bad. I was feeling good the whole race staying up front and out of trouble. I tried to get off the front a couple of times but got brought back fast. Conor and Adam did the same but nothing stuck. With two laps to go people were scrambling to get to front and get good positioning. Some CU guys crashed to the left of me and feel right in front of me and I could do nothing about it and went down. I was lucky to land on some other bikes and bodies and dint get too bad of road rash but a little. My bike was fine which is good. I was kind of pissed i was up front feeling good and some idiots take me out. o well that is bike racing. I will have to get a pic up soon. Keeny took a pic of me right before i went down.
Then we took the trek to Colorado Springs for another crit the next day. This course is pretty cool with a nice kicker right before the finish and a 180 corner soon after that. i was a little stiff after the crash the day before but reedy to race. i had a good start and was up front. Attacks were going all day but nothing was going to stick. Conor Adam and I worked our asses off to bring back breaks and try to get in them. It was a tough race. I finished 13th or so, i was hoping for better but not bad for all the work i did all day. Conor killed it and got 4th. Adam worked his ass off for us and am really excited to race with him this year.
This weekend Conor and I are going to take a weekend off from collegiate racing and go down to Boise to visit STU. Conor, Tom, Mat, And I are going down to hang out with Chris. Then it is back to some more crit racing at CU and UNC. Lets hope we can pull it all together for a win.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Logging the Hours

Well school as been going for a while, this is our 3rd week back and so far so good. This week and next week is test weeks so we will see how they go. I have been busy with school and riding a ton. Last week i go in just over 25 hrs on the bike. It was a good week for me. I did a great ride on Saturday with Conor from GJ to Gateway and back. It is a pretty hilly ride. six and a half hours and 110 miles. This week i am planning on getting 25 hrs again but start some intensity up this weekend. I rode the TT bike last weekend for the first time since last year and man it is not comfortable. I hate the rollers right now. I have been going to class, sprinting home getting out the door for a couple hour ride until dark then been coming home and riding the rollers for a couple more it sucks. It is finally starting to warm up here in GJ. Suppose to reach 50 today which will feel really warm. It is no Denver high 60s but i will take it. i can't wait for the time change.
Next Thursday I am planning on going down to AZ for Valley of the Sun Stage Race. I have not signed up yet but I will get on that. I am just using it as a training race, I am not expecting a win or even podium, but if I do that's great. Just going for the warm weather and the intensity. I will leave you with some pics over the past few weeks. NVM my pic uploader is not working, maybe next time.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

New Year!

Starting the day out with this really help me get going.

Well the break is over and school starts up again. It felt like the last 5 weeks flew by. Now i have to go back to school and it is going to suck to have to ride the trainer a lot. On MWF it looks like i will be inside riding the trainer wich sucks i really hate the trainer but it will get my mental game in it.
I finally feel like I am getting my fitness back after 2 weeks of some good training. I have been riding my bike a lot out here in Gj in the cold. I have been here for a little over two weeks and it has not past 42 degrees yet. It was 42 out yesterday and it felt like summer, I hope it warms up. I have been also doing some cross country skiing. At least i am trying to, it does not look that pretty, i don't go down hill that well, usually it is on my butt. This weekend i think i am going to do my first cross country ski race. It is a 10k , wich does not sound far, but the speed i go it is.

Mad speed!

Right now i am just getting in my base miles. Next month I am planning on going to Valley of the Sun for a training race. Not going there to win, just to get some good hard riding in, in the hot weather.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Up early

I am up early getting ready for my fitness walking class. What a joke. It gets me up in the morning so I can go ride later instead of sleeping in real late.
Lately I have been waking up early going to the gym walking for a while. Then I go lift some weights then it is on the bike for a while and if i am feeling good it is some CX skiing up on the mesa. That's pretty much all I have been doing. School starts in a week and it looks like the temps are getting warm here soon. It is suppose to get into high 30's low 40's. That will feel warm compared to what I have been riding in. I don't think it has reached much warmer then 32 here in GJ.
The other day I went on a 4:30 hr bike ride then went up to the mesa for 2:30 hr cx skiing. It was a full moon out and it looked like day time up there. It was a lot of fun, very tiring but a good workout. I am still not that good on the skis, epically down hill my skis just split. I just bought some used cx skis which seem to be working out good.
Well I am still not 100% yet who I will be riding for this year for road. I am hoping for Rio Grande but will not find out until this week so lets keep our fingers crossed.
Well my picture upload is being lame and not letting me post pictures, so i will try later