Sunday, September 25, 2011


Well it feels great to get back riding everyday and feeling good and having FUN!! Talking about fun, what better then riding with a group of juniors. Yesterday Conor and I got the opportunity to go ride with Two Rivers Junior Cycling team here on the western slope of Colorado. I love junior racing for many reasons. Juniors is where I started racing and learned a lot about the sport. Its where you learn to have fun and the basics of racing and riding. I just love the enthusiasm of Juniors while riding, they will ride their heart out until they blow. This team is what I love, a lot of sponsors and parents who back the team. The western slope is such a great place to ride and they are the only organized team out here, props to them. After the ride we got to hang out and eat some good food and talk to the juniors and parents about racing and what it takes to be a pro. Then we got to hand out some Exergy stem caps so the juniors will be rippin around with Exergy on their stems.

Other great news is I just bought a fully automatic Espresso machine!  I love this thing and think I am using it already too much but why not.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

NO Cross

This year Conor and I are not racing cyclocross for a couple of reason. First Exergy didn't want us getting hurt and they told us they wanted us to focus on the road for next year and prepare for it proprley, this way we will be well rested when the road season comes around again. I am very happy with the decision so far, I am able to relax a little more and get some good base miles in and watch videos like this.

# 1 reason why I am not racing cross, so I don't end up like Joey!!!!

Sunday, September 18, 2011


A week in Vegas will break anyone who tries to take it on. We took off to Vegas on the 8th to watch Kenny take on the Ironman World Championship 70.3. We arrived in Vegas a few days before his race so he could check out the course and get his legs dialed before the big day. The days leading up to the race was very hot and miserable outside but race day was a nice 90 degrees for the high. In the end he finished 24th in his age group which was a huge improvement from the previous year, lets see what he can do next year, I am expecting BIG things.

Then we headed to the strip on Monday for Interbike but the show didn't start until Wednesday so we had sometime to kill. Nothing too exciting this year but it was still fun to check out. We were planing on coming home Thursday but we were informed from our managers that we had to stay one more night for a HUGE announcement for the team!

We got the email saying EXERGY was hosting a party at the Marquee in Vegas which is the hottest night club in Vegas and there was a dress code. Thursday morning we went out to buy some nice cloths so we could get into the club. When we arrived you had to check in and you had to have your name on the list to be able to get in. Then you took an elevator up to the club and was greeted by six or so waters with all different kinds of potions, you could get any drink you wanted or Voss water. The food was also amazing and the club was insane. The big announcement was Peanut Butter twenty 12 is going to be Exergy twenty 12 for next year and years to come!! Big step forward for women's cycling and Exergy, I am really looking forward to what next year has to offer.

After not riding at all in Vegas I got back on the bike and feel really out of shape. It is time to get back out there and get ready for 2012.

Hoover Dam

Exergy Party

New Nutella & GO!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Getting back at it.....slowly

Back in Grand Junction and riding my bike since the last post, took a couple of weeks off to mentally and physically rest.  Nothing crazy yet just going on group rides, riding the mountain bike and actually surviving which is something new for me. I am actually having fun riding the mountain bike. So I will be in Junction until the weather starts getting cold and I hope we can go somewhere to ride in the warm weather during the winter.
Leaving tomorrow for Sin City Vegas!!! Kenny has 70.3 Triathlon worlds on Sunday, so we are going to cheer him on as he takes on the best triathletes in the world. Once that is done we will be heading straight to In N Out burger a little end of the year gift!! Monday we will head to the strip for Inerbike trade show and check out all the new cycling gear coming out for next year. Dirt demos start Monday so we can go test ride all the new Mountain gear. Wednesday we will go watch Cross Vegas for the first time. Conor and I are not racing cross this year, which is something new for us. We have raced cross for many year and had a blast doing it but we are trying something new and actually have an off season so we will be well rested for a hard schedule of road racing next season. So this time I get to be the guy on the sideline yelling at the racers!!
Until Next time....

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Photos from the phone


Kenny and Conor
Big Screen

Vaill TT Start