Sunday, February 19, 2012

In the Books!

Riding the coast
High in the sky

2012 Team Exergy training camp is done and dusted. It was a great 10 days in Ventura California sun and smooth roads. Never being to Ventura or team training camp I didn't know what to expect really. This was the first time this year that the whole team was under one roof, so it was a good time to get to know one another.
It was no walk in the park with rides from 3-6 hrs in length, made for some tired guys. It was a good time to test out all the new equipment and legs.
Many of the guys headed for their home bases today and a handful of us are staying in Ventura until Merco Stage race March 1st-4th. This will be the first race for the team and we are very excited. The roster for Exergy;Ben, Serghei,Quinn,Freddie, Logan,Conor,Andres Jr, and myself.
Need to rest up for a bit and recover before the racing begins!
Fleet of FC

Rolling along
Team Helmet

Check out my Strava account to see some of the rides we did during training camp and keep updated on the rides through the year!
Base Camp
Testing each other in the crosswind
Conor riding through the snow
Team Exergy

Friday, February 3, 2012

Team Exergy Sponsor Camp 2012

This past week was the first camp for Team Exergy in 2012 in Boise Idaho. This camp is unlike any other camp you may read about on cycling websites. Usually when you think of a pro cycling team camp you think about new gear and lots of riding, but this was the opposite. With many new faces to Team Exergy for 2012 including riders, staff and sponsors, this was the time to meet everyone face to face and build relationships. There was no riding our Felt bikes this week as we had a busy busy schedule to tackle.
To get our first race jitters out of the way we all went Go-karting to see who was ready to go fast. When you get a lot of competitive people together in one place everything turns into a competition. Of course the obvious is the fastest lap time which Ben walked away with very easily, you also get other types of competition. Like who can drift there car the best, or who can beat the manager, or I succeeded at having my front wheel fly off 3 laps into the race and had to change karts.
So fast its a blur
Concussion testing

Then we had a day where we listened to all of our sponsors talk about their product and how it was going to help us succeed in 2012. It was very interesting learning and knowing what products we all will be using so we then can educate others about it.
Jim Felt talking about his bikes
Team Bike
SpiderTech HQ

Then the last day was very serious as we want to gain seconds anyway we can to win  races. This sums it up pretty good. Enjoy!

Team Exergy Wind Tunnel Testing from Team Exergy on Vimeo.

Home for another week until Colorado before I head off to Team Exergy camp in California, where we will get plenty of sunshine and miles in the legs. This week can't go by fast enough as Colorado already has a foot of snow over night and still coming.
Thanks for reading.
Ginger 1

Flying back into CO