Wednesday, October 28, 2009

That's Cross Racing

This past weekend was some racing is Castle Rock on Saturday and Boulder on Sunday. We arrived to the race pretty early on Saturday to make sure our bikes were running good because this was the first race on our new cross bikes. We rode the course a couple of times and it was really muddy. It was about a 2 mile course which is pretty long for a cross course. I was ready to race and was able to line up second row which was huge; usually I am in the back row. With about 30 sec to the start I noticed I had a flat rear tire. I was going to try to ride it a lap to the pit which was at the end of the lap but once I hit the cement I knew w I was done. Luckily Jeff was standing there with his small MTB so I grabbed that and started racing. His bike was too small for me and he had different pedals then mine so I couldn’t clip in so it was a hard lap. I finally made it to the pit to switch bikes. At this point I was at least 2 min back from the last guy in the race, and who knows how much to the leaders. So I started passing guys one by one. Then just about when I started rolling I went through this swap area and went flying over the bars. I hit a rock or something at the bottom of the mud pit and just went swimming in the swamp. I got up very slowly loosing even more time. I bent my hood pretty good and my brakes were rubbing. So once I got to the pit I switched bikes again. At this time I really just wanted to pull the plug, but I didn’t give up and keep on passing people. I ended up 12th witch was not too bad considering all the mishaps I had. I just really wished I could have had a better race. Then we woke up Sunday to some flurries coming down. We drove out the Boulder Reservoir to race, Conor decided before we got there that he was not going to race because he crashed hard the day before and was getting a cold. So we watched some of the earlier races and I noticed that everyone was running A LOT. So I went and pre rode the course which was mostly sand and a lot of it you had to run. I wanted to ride my bike not run it. The weather was getting bad and the passes sounded like they were going to get pounded on. So I decided not to race so we could get home before the passes got worse.

on the first lap riding the small MTB

This weekend is the Boulder cup races. I can’t wait it should be some sweet racing. I am just hoping not to get lapped, that would be cool. The weather right now looks cold this weekend in Boulder so I hope the mountains don’t get too much snow so we can make it over on Friday. It is snowing here now in Junction so I really hope the passes clear up by Friday.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


I survived this weekend of mountain bike racing. It was our home races this past weekend the RMCCC conference finals. Saturday was a technical short track. I guesses if you want a front row start you need to get to the start at least 15 min before the race starts. I didn't get that memo so I started in the last row. 30 sec into the race it shoots into a single track and I was the last guy into it, perfect. I was waiting to get lapped the whole race but didn't happen. I was passing a lot of guys through out the race. On the last lap i bobbled a little and two guys passed me, but o well I didn't fall so that's good.

Short track

The Sunday was the cross country race, i was actually looking forward to this race. I got very familiar with the course so I felt confident I would do well. The skies were black all morning threatening to down poor. We started in dry conditions, then about half way through the first lap you felt some rain drops, then it just stated pissing from the skies. So on our second lap it was a mud fest slip and slide. so pretty much everyone gave up and was walking a lot a trying to stay up right. When the dirt gets wet out there it turns to concrete. So I was hoping to would just cut the race short. On the last switch backs before the finish i decided to do a superman over the bars.Ouch was not expecting that but got up rolled to the finish and i was done. the called the race 2 laps in out of 4. I was happy but i wish it was dry the whole race so we could of done it all. O well I didn't get too hurt so that's always good.

Me right after I did my superman

Less then a week we are off to collegiate MTB nats in Truckee California. Should be a fun time, my goal is not to hurt myself, just have a fun time. Just cant wait for IN N OUT!
This weekend I am hoping to make my way down to Denver to do some Cross racing. Just hope the passes stay clear but it doesn't look that way so I will have to wait and see.