Monday, December 29, 2008


It has been a while since the last post. Cross nationals went a lot better then expected for me. In the U23 race I ended up 12th and I was pretty happy with that result considering who all was in front of me. I accomplished my goal, wich was to beat 19th place which I got the year before. The collegiate race went a lot better then expected. Got a front row call up which helped out a ton, I wish I could start up there every race. There was a group of five of us off the front for pretty much the whole race. it was really cool to be up front and actually make the race. I ended up 2nd and was really stoked. Going into the day I was hoping to just get on the podium. even during the race I just keep telling myself stay where you are and you will get fifth, I was not even thinking about 2nd. I wish i had more confidence going into the race. i was only 10 sec off from fist and maybe if I believed in my self a little more something could have happened. O well I was very pleased with my 08 cross season.

I have been taking a break off the bike since nats and plan on starting to ride next week and do some cross country skiing. I already head up to school on the 1st for a 2 week fitness walking class? We will see how that goes.
Suppose to meet with a guy from Rio Grande Cycling this week, so lets cross our fingers that we get on that team for 09. I can't wait for road season to start. Before I know it i will be in Arizona for Valley Of the Sun.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Count down

Everything is coming to a close end. I am almost done with school for the semester. I only have four more days of finals left and i am done. Cross is almost done for the year for me as well. Two more races at nationals, Collegiate and U23. I am hoping to do good at Nats this year. I did pretty good last year for it being my first year, so now I am hoping for a little better this year. The last race that I did was in NJ. The running race. I tried racing last weekend but my pedal came off a couple laps in so that doesn't count. Hope that was all my bad luck for the year. I was planning on going down to Boulder today to race the state cross race tomorrow but that didn't happen. I just didn't know what the passes were going to be like on Sunday and I have to be back for finals on Monday so it was not worth risking it. Just get some good riding in and studying instead.
I am hoping Nats won't be frozen like last year. It was fun but scary. I dislocated my pinkie and it still hurts today. We leave for KS next Thursday out of DIA around 8. I get out of my last final on Thursday at 12, then we have to drive to Denver to catch the flight. Crossing my fingers that the passes are ok.

Last years frozen tundra.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Thanksgiving Break

It was good to get home for a while and see the family and friends. Left Grand Junction last Tuesday after class and made it home in pretty good time. Pretty much just relaxed all week, had some good rides and saw some good movies. I was looking forward to racing cross because my legs were feeling good.
I woke up Saturday morning with a couple of inches of snow on the ground and was looking forward to race. Got to the race early to watch one of my Buddy's race in the fours. The course was long, it took the 4's about 10 min to do a lap. About 80% of the course was single track and really muddy. But this mud was rideable non like NJ a couple of weeks ago. Didn't really get a good starting position and didn't really have a good start. It was loose gravel at the start and guys were going everywhere. Then once we got to the single track you were just fighting to stay upright. The first lap was good, almost everyone was still together. The second lap I had a guy three in front of me who could not ride worth crap. He made a huge gap from the group in front of us. I passed him when it opened up then crashed on a slick corner and a few guys passed me. I got back up and it was hard to get going again. I was almost catching the group in front of me, before i knew it i thought i slipped off my pedal up a little incline and tried clipping back in but noticed my pedal came all the way off. The pedal was on the bottom of my shoe. That was my race, even if i had a spare bike in the pit i was screwed, the laps were so long there was nothing i could do about it. Conor had a good race sitting in 6th the whole race until the last corner when he fell on a corner and the guy 10 sec behind him passed him in the sprint.

Pissed my pedal came off

Was unable to race yesterday due to the weather. We had to leave Denver early to make sure we could get back over the passes ok. We had to cram into one of our Buddy's car to get back. Had to leave the cross bikes back home. I am hoping to get back this weekend to race the state cyclocross. That is depending on how the weather is. Then the following week it is off to U23/collegiate cyclocross nats in Kansas. Can't wait, hope i have a good ride there.

Fun drive back

Thursday, November 20, 2008

The light at the end is near

Well last weekend I traveled to NJ for the second grand prix. It was my first Grand Prix ever so i didn't really know what to expect. I knew it was going to be fast and I was going to be slower then normal. I was sick for the two weeks leading up to it. The first week I had a very bad virus and could barley stand up then the next week it turned into a sinus infection. So i finally got some medication for that and started feeling a little bit better before I left. I was only able to ride three times leading up to the race so I knew I was going to get my butt kicked or I was going to be fresh and feel good. We got there really early Friday morning due to delay of our flight. Got to bed about 4 am. Got to the course around 1 pm to pre ride. The course was awesome fast and long and I was really looking forward to it. My legs actually felt good during the pre ride.Then Friday night it rained and I didn't think anything of it. Got to the course Saturday afternoon and it was a mud bath. People were running the slightest up hill section. I was not happy,I HATE RUNNING. I started near the back and stayed there. Sunday pretty much went the same way a lot of running. I made a dollar during my run. the fans were throwing dollar bills in the mud for you to pick up.

Now I am feeling better and am almost done with school for the semester. Got thanksgiving break next week. Then a week of class then finals. I was going to go to Portland for the last GP but am unable to go anymore. I am pretty disappointed about that but to well. Now I am just getting ready for U23 and collegiate nats. i hope my time off the bike wont kill me at nats.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Getting better

Well I have been sick since the Boulder cup and have only road twice since then. I went to the doctors last week and they said I had a virus and they really couldn't do anything for me. Then I went back into the doctors again at the beginning of this week to try to get meds so I was better for the weekends USGP. They said it was turning into a sinus infection and they gave me antibiotics. I am feeling a lot better not not 100% yet but almost there. I am going to try to ride my cross bike today for a little just to get the legs moving, nothing hard. I am leaving tomorrow afternoon for Jersey. I leave junction around 440 and leave Denver around 640. Don't get into Jersey till 1230 am. A little late but i need to go to school first then I will have all day Friday to sleep and pre ride the course. My family is all coming from New York to watch us race. That will be pretty cool, I think it will be an eye opener for them because I don't even think they know what cyclocross is. It's my first USGP and I don't feel prepared. I just hope I don't get more sick by racing.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

It's all catching up to me

Well a lot has happened in the last couple weeks. Had collegiate MTB nats. Did pretty good in short track. Got 10th. Then the Boulder Cup was last weekend. Did ok in that. Those guys are fast. with all this racing and traveling I have been doing it is all catching up to me this week. First off I am not liking this time change. And now I am sick and feel like crap. On Thursday I could barley stand up. I just feel like crap. Only got to ride twice this week. I went to the doctors and they said I just have a virus so they couldn't give me any med. I am leaving for Jersey on Thursday afternoon for the Grand Prix. I better be feeling better by then. I don't know how much riding I will be getting in before then. I just hope I can ride well there. It's my first grand Prix. I took this weekend off from racing because I am sick and it feels weird not being at a race. I just hope I can get better soon.

After the short track(a little muddy)

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Monday, October 20, 2008

NEVER give up!

This past weekend I had a break off from collegiate MTB so I headed over to Fort Collins Friday afternoon for two cross races. Saturday was at Xilinx, and Sunday was in Fort Collins. I was looking forward to get my cross fix in for the week.

I arrived to Saturdays course pretty early because I had some friends racing in the fours and threes. So i got to see the course and the lines people took before I raced. My race started very good, very fast. I was fifth going into the first corner and feeling really good. It was a long course so I knew that we would not be doing a lot of laps so I had to stay up front. Then on lap two my chain feel off during a barrier section. That cost me some time and a lot of places. I started getting into a good rhythm after that, but once i got rolling my chain feel off again, and lost some more time and more places. Just had some bad luck. Ended up 27th, not very happy with my result so I was ready for Sundays race to redeem myself.

Sunday was another long day. got there early once again to cheer on some of my friends. The course looked very fast and very bumpy. So our race started fast once again. I tried not blowing myself up too bad in the start so I was about mid pack into the first corner. Then a couple of more turns my chain fell off again.

I got passed by the whole field and lost some time. The next time through the pit I changed bikes. I didn't want my chain to fall off again so that's why I changed bikes. Then one of my friends said he fixed the chain guard and my bike was ready to go.So the next time through the pit I changed back to my normal bike. Loosing a lot of time from changing bikes and fixing my chain I had a lot of chasing to do to get back to the front. Then again my chain feel off. I fixed it but decided not to change bikes and hope for the best that the chain would not fall off again. I was so far back at this time that I was mentally not there for a few laps. Then I got rolling again once I started picking off people. On the last lap I caught 3rd-6th place and gave it my all to pass all of them. It was a slug fest until the finish. I kept passing 3rd place then someone would pass me. Then on the last barriers before the finished i surged into 3rd place and sprinted as hard as i could. I ended up 3rd on the day, not bad at all considering what happened. I gave it my all and threw up once i crossed the finish line. Now that's going all out. That is my best result so far in the pro field and I am hoping to improve on that. The moral of the story is never give up until the finish line.

I am in school for a couple more days then i am off to collegiate MTB nationals in North Carolina. Then once that is over I will be sole focused on Cross and can't wait until the Boulder Cup.

Photos by Mat Peters

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Mesa hike a bike

Well this weekend was our home collegiate MTB race. I was hoping we were going to have a race on the front range this weekend because of fall break and I could have gone home. But o well. Friday I went out to set up the short track course for Saturdays race. I didn't see the course before then and i was surprised at the climbs. O well looked fun. Then Friday night we went to go set up the cross country course for Sunday. O ya and while i was setting up the short track course i thought Conor and Brent got kidnapped.
Saturday morning came around and we road out to whitewater for the short track and super D. Short track was OK took me a little to get going but finished about mid pack. Then I decided to do the super D just because it was free and I have never done it before. There was about 13 A's or so who started the race. I was just expecting to get last because I suck at MTB and going downhill. But the race started with one push up then a run to our bikes. I put my bike last because i just thought i was going to get last. But the race was fun finished 5th overall and 1st d2 which was surprising.
Then the XC race was brutal. I was killing it on the first two laps sitting in 7th. Then the last lap came around and i just couldn't control my bike very well. I was so tired so i faded a lot. Ended up 14th not bad for not being a mTber. O and by the way I raced on a Specialized stump jumper 29er the whole weekend. It was a lot of fun thanks Ruby Canyon.
This weekend is off to FOCO for some cross races. Then back here for three days and back to DIA for collegiate MTB nationals in NC. Then back for a week then Boulder Cup, can't wait.

Fruita on fall break

Monday, September 29, 2008

A little break

This past weekend I decided not to race MTB in Boulder or cross races. Instead I went to Moab with Conor and our buddy josh. Left Junction at noon on Friday and made it to Moab at a good time. Went to go do some slick rock Mtb which was fun. Then we camped out and heard a mountain lion close by when we were going to bed. So we slept with a huge knife in our tent. Next morning got up and went and did some four wheeling. Then came back to junction to do some more four wheeling on little park. Then yesterday went to the air show which was also cool.

It was a good weekend to rest my legs up for a big block of hard racing coming up in the next month or so. This weekend I am racing both cross races in Frico, then the following weekend is our hike a bike race in Junction which I am not looking forward to. Then another two cross races in FOCO. The collegiate Nats in NC. Then back for the big Boulder cup. The rumor has it Lance Armstrong may show. Then off to my first Grand Prix in New Jersey. Hoping that family from New York will make it over to see what Cross is all about.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Have to make this quick because I have class in a little. PAst weekend was my first MTB race of the year. It was actually fun. Didn't crash, or flat and didn't getlast. The cyclocross race was fun, long but fun. Hit the deck hard once, my pedal hit a root and flew me over the bars in the cyclocross race on Sunday. Ended up 11th in first 1,2 race wich is not bad.

Heading off to Wyoming for another MTB race this weekend. I am actually looking at getting a new MTB but the only thing stopping me is the money.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Friday, September 12, 2008

New addiction

Well I went to my cross camp last week, got a sweet new bike. Can't wait to race it. It is not all built yet still waiting for all the parts to come in. Also found out that I will be going to all the Grand prix which I am really excited for.
I have not been riding my road bike much, mostly Mountain and cross. I can't believe I am going to be doing this but I am racing a mountain bike race this weekend in sol vista. I am actually having fun this year mountain biking. I have not raced yet, so it might be a different storey after this weekend. I will be racing the cross country race tomorrow, then Sunday me and a couple of guys are heading up to Breckenridge to do a cyclocross race. First one of the year for us all. Hope it goes as well as my first race last year where i won. but i dought it since i will be racing in the pro 1,2's.
So since i am going to be doing some MTB this year Ia m looking at buying a nice MTB. So I am selling a couple of things to get some extra money for it.
for sale:
Power tap
Chris king headset
If you want to buy any of those let me know asap.
Off to Sol Vista

Friday, August 29, 2008


Wow I don't even know the last time I was on this. A lot has gone on since my last post but i am going to make it short because I don't want to type a lot.
Well I went to U23 road Nationals in cali and I was doing great in the crit until the last lap and there was a HUGE crash right in front of me, so that screwed and good result. Then the road race was VERY LAME. The officials pretty much pulled everyone. 130 guys started and like only 11 finished. Then right after that drove home with MO, all through the night because he had to be at work Monday morning.
Started school the next week and I am already sick of it. And it is very lame because we don't have Labor Day off from school. Started riding my bike this week, took two weeks off from the bike after nationals, now I am gearing up for cross season.
Next weekend is the team camp for cyclocross and I can't wait. New bike, new cloths, can't ask for anything better.
Might be going white water rafting this weekend, so looking forward to that.
I will def post after cross camp and get some pics up.

Monday, August 4, 2008

almost to an end

Well the road season is almost to an end for me this year. Two more races and that's it. U23 road and crit nationals in Cali This week. Have the crit on Thursday and a Road Race on Sunday. Hoping for a good result, but after this weekend of racing it is not looking good.
Saturday was a circut race. It was about a 4 mile course with a lot of false flats. it was really really hard for me and I had to drop out. When I pulled off I noticed my wheel was rubbing really bad on my breaks. One of my spokes were really loose. That may of explained why it was so hard. But since it was a Circuit race there was no free laps. Then later in the day I notice I broke the hub. It is getting fixed now.
Then yesterday was a crit downtown. I was hoping to hang on and get a good result. There was some big money and some big names there. But I just couldn't do it. Was not feeling it at all.
So lets hope I saved some energy and can kill it this week. We fly out to Cali on Wednesday morning. But I might have to drive back with my coach Sunday right after the race because he has to get to work Monday morning. So I may just go straight to school on the way home. Wish me luck because I am going to need it.
Soon after road is over Cross will begin, Can't wait! Still a long season ahead

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Unlucky 13

Well this weekend was two crits. One 80 min and one 90 min so they were pretty long crits.
Yesterday I had the unlucky number 13. I thought I should have flipped it like the pros so I don't have bad luck. But I didn't. And it came back and bit me in the butt. The crit had a downhill and an uphill. There was a group of about 8 up the road 30 sec or so, so i decided to jump and bridge up to them. i was hoping someone would come with, but no luck. I was in no-mans land for a couple of laps or so before the pack pulled me back and spit me out of the back and I was done. Just didn't play it smart. so today I played it smart.

Trying to make it to the break

It was the state crit and some good teams were there again, Gamrin,Successful living, team type 1 and Kelly's benefit. i stayed in the front 10-15 guys the whole race and felt great. my legs have never felt that good before in a race and it was an hour and a half. there was a group of about 20 guys up the road with a 40 sec gap but we brought them back with 3 laps to go. Then the race was on and I just couldn't move up much. I ended up 29th or so out of 75 but i wish i would have been a little bit farther up when we caught the break but o well I am learning.
wish me luck for tomorrow I have the dentist and have to get two cavities filled. Then on Wednesday it is off to water World for a little fun.

Friday, July 11, 2008


Well this week flew by and it is already time to race tomorrow. This weekend is two crits. Sunday is the state crit. With all the big boys at cascade this week hopefully I can get some good results.
Well once you thought the Tour was going to be clean some jerk has to ruien it for everyone. Manual Beltran is the first guy caught in this Tour de France for Doping. Who is next?
Talking about dopers. I was out riding today and I usually don't find anything cool to write about, but today i found a bag of weed sitting on the side of the road.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Riding at a new level

Well last week was a rough week for me on the bike. I just was not motivated and had some bad days on the bike. But finally I am back into it ready to train and race.
I finally got to race this past weekend. It was a 75 min crit in Niwot, close to Boulder. Once I arrived to the race I knew it was going to be a fast one with Toyota United there with 4 guys. There ended up being some big names like; Day, Steviz, Clarke taking 1,2,3 from Toyota United, Zajicek from Health Net, Pearce, Donald, Caldwell, Danielson from Garmin Chipolte then some guys from successful living, Team type 1, and BMC. Pretty cool all these guys just showed up for a local race. 90 guys started the race and only 40 finished so it was really really fast. I was kinda upset that I couldn't hold on the whole race but o well. I am still young and have only been racing for 3 years, got some time to improve. I usually watch these guys on TV and now I am trying to race them, that is pretty cool.
Got 2 crits this weekend and one of them being the state championships so I hope I can ride a little better then last weekend.
U-23 Nationals is less then a month away and I can't wait. I am not 100% yet that I am going but I am planing on it.

This is a pic of me before I pop. Thats is Dan Schmatz to my left, use to ride on BMC

Friday, June 27, 2008


I should be on my way to Wyoming to race Dead Dog but instead I am sitting at home. The reason I am not going is because it is too expensive. My team will not pay for it like usual. This is the second weekend in a row that I can't race because it is too expensive. My team is lame, I need a team that will support me. The thing that really sucks is my legs feel great and I can't show that in a race.
Yesterday I had bad luck while I riding. I had a bee fly into my mouth a sting me in the lip. It really really hurt. I had to pull into a gas station and pull the stinger out and put ice on it to put the swelling down. And I also go two flats which sucked. It was not a good day on the bike. And to make things worse my motivation to keep on training hard is low. it has been a VERY LONG season so far and it is starting to wear on me. There still is a big chunk of the season left so i have to find a way to keep the motivation high.
Can't wait to race again.... who knows when that will be.

ut I am having fun ripping it up on my new fixi i built up.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Well this past weekend was the first Gleenwood Springs Road Race and it was a good one. First off we set off to Grand Junction on Thursday to go mow our weeds at our house in GJ. Then it was off to Rifle to spend the next couple days with coach Mo. It was a good time.
Saturday was a 75 mile Road race. It was a lot of fun with a lot of rollers until the turn around where there was a steep climb that spilt apart the field. I fell off a little but kept on chasing hard with a big group and tagged back on. By the was it was so hot out. We didn't start until 12 so it was a hot one. On the way back to the finish I could not see out of my sunglasses because there was so much sweat on them. Coming up to the finish there was a 4 man break less then a min up the road. We did not pull them back. But I felt so good with 1k to go. I really wanted to jump but just couldn't, I was a couple guys back and could not move through. It was my bad but I wish we could of used the whole road for the sprint instead of just one lane, o well. Ended up 12th which I was happy with the first pro 1/2 Road Race.
The next day was a crit downtown Gleenwood Springs and it was another HOT one. They just paved the finishing stretch. I was thinking it was going to be very fast through there but since it was so hot it was melting and was sticky. Still fast but kinda sucked. They were very fast laps, less then a min so the field split up very fast. I managed to stay with the main group. A couple guys were off the front so I attacked to get to the front group but before I knew it I heard a ticking coming from my bike so I slew down to find out what was up. I thought it was a broken spoke but it was a safety pin that went through my tire. So I got a free lap and tried to get back in, but couldn't clip into my pedal for some reason. So I pulled over again for a free lap. I thought I broke my cleat but it ended up being a rock from the new pavement that was in the pedal. So I was ready to jump back in but they didn't let me back into the main group like they were suppose to, they let me go after they passed and since they were such fast laps I could not get back on. I was pissed. And after all that hard work they didn't even place me, I should of been 17th but they didn't give me a placing. What BS. They were going to DQ Conor and I because we didn't sign the release waiver again, Didn't know I had to sign it twice for and omnium but I guess so.
Don't know my next race yet, maybe Dead Dog next weekend.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

New level

This past weekend was my first men's 1/2 race. I was really excited to race and see how my legs were looking. This was my first race since collegiate nats. Our race started at 12:30. It was the biggest 1/2 field they have ever had. With 80 guys starting and having a Slipstream, Jelly Belly and Type 1 guy at the line I knew it was going to be a hard race and I just need to hang on. So the gun went off and I mad sure to stay top half at least. with so many corners and roundabouts I knew if I was chilling on the back I would be off before I knew it. It was an hour and fifteen min race. After a little bit a breakaway formed with non of the big names I knew, so I thought we would bring them back. After a couple laps the pace speed up to bring the break back. Wow was it fast, we didn't end up bringing them back and I don't know how we were rolling. With about five laps to go I thought I was done. I was riding on the rivet and giving everything I had. The finish was the break away with about 5 guys, then our group of about 25 or so then a bigger group behind us. I ended up 29th. Not bad for m first 1/2 race.
The biggest difference between the 3's and the 1/2's that I noticed was how smooth everyone road and didn't freak out about anything. I felt so much more comfortable . Also I noticed if you just sit up a little you go back like 20 positions. And when guys make an attack they are hard and fast and if you don't go with them right away it will take a while before you catch on.
This weekend is the State TT. I am not very good at TT but I am working on that. I am really looking forward to Saturday because two Toyota United guys start right before me. Justin England starts a min before me and then Ben Day 30 sec before me. At least they are in front of me and not behind me. It is a 38k TT.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

logging the hours

Well not a whole lot has been going on this summer. Just pulling weeds and riding my bike. I have been getting some good hours in on the bike and am looking forward to race on Sunday.
Conor and I have been picking weeds at one of our buddies house in the morning hours and riding in the afternoon. Not to bad so far. Today we are suppose to go ride for four hours and then go do an hour crit then ride back home for 40 min or so, so I hope it will be a good day if the weather holds up. It has been cloudy and drizzling the last two days and just makes me want to sit inside all day and do nothing.
My first race since collegiate nats will be this Sunday at City Park at 12:30 if anyone wants to show up and yell for us. It is the same race as the DU race this year but with 2 miles added onto it. Some big boys showed up to this race for the collegiate race so maybe they will be back to rip my legs off.

Saturday, May 17, 2008


Well I am finally done with school. This year went by so fast I can't believe we are already done. Nationals went well, I did a lot better then I thought I would in the RR. Right off the bat we started climbing the damn and man my legs were not ready for that. I fell off the back but chased really hard and caught back on. It was a really hard race, especially the back side with a slight downhill, I was hurting so bad and spinning out. But my legs were hanging in there, then after we did the laps and were heading back to finish I was thinking I was going to get dropped on the climbs back but I didn't. The last corner on the decent was very sketch. Everyone in front of me had there wheels locked up and so did I. Then I heard the guy being me just slam right into the guard rail. It was not a pleasant sound I hope he was ok, I think two guys crashed there. With my adrenaline pumping I finished 10th and Conor 7th. Both top ten not bad at all.
Then Sunday was the crit and I was expecting high things for myself. But that didn't happen. Not a great performance but not shitty either. I hung in there and finished 31st or so and Conor like 28th. O well can't do great in them all.
I have been doing a lot of moving in the past week. I had finals last week and was moving into our new house in Grand Junction. Then I had to move all my summer things here to my parents house where I am going to stay for the summer so I can get some good racing in. I am just ready to race my bike.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008


What a race. I had a lot of fun and it was really hard. My first cat 2 race and I think it ended up a success. I finished all 5 stages rubber side down and am still kicking. The first day totally kicked by butt, with my engine shutting down about 20 miles to the finish because i had no fuel. No water, I only had 3 bottles for 95 miles or so because when I got to the neutral feed zone they were out. So the next day I came out with revenge. Brought plenty of water and was ready to go. Once the race started and we we out of the neutral zone I went with an attack. After a while it was about 9 guys and we stayed away the whole race. With 3 more guys catching on with about 15 miles to go. I didn't think at all that I was going to be able to stick in the break all day but I did and it was sweet. Ended up 6th, not bad. Then the rest of the days just went on. Did the TT but not at my max, pretty much just road, then the crit I was trying to get in a break to stick. One guy was up the road so Just road away from everyone on the uphill and caught the solo rider ahead. We stayed away for about 5 laps then we got pulled back in. Got a prime and then just ended up finishing in the bunch sprint. Last day held on for dear life. Stayed on until the last climb.

All in all it was a fun a successful weekend. Already got some upgrade points. Leaving Thursday for Collegiate Nationals. Hope to see everyone there.

O ya I got my Euro Mullet

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Good Legs, Bad Lungs

Well this past weekend was the Colorado College crit and Air force Road race. I was really looking forward to these races because I felt so good on the bike the week before, I was riding the hills and flats very strong and was ready to really get back into it. I got a good warm up for the Crit on Saturday and felt great. My throat was dry thought. The air quality really sucked. But the race started and I wanted to get into the break. So right off the bat a CU guy went off and I went with feeling very good. Then a CSU guy jumped on and we only stayed away for a few laps but my legs felt great but I just couldn't breath it was crazy. So once the pack caught us I sat up and went straight to the back to try to catch my breath but just couldn't so I had to quit. I really don't like quiting a race but I needed to I was not getting any oxygen. The medics there said it would be best for me to go to the ER to get checked out. I really didn't want to go but am glad I went once it was over with. My plus ox was only 80 and that's pretty low. Got some drugs now and an inhaler.
Then Saturday was the RR. It was very windy but it is a fun course. I just wanted to sit in since I didn't know what my breathing would be like. The first lap was good I hung in there. Then the second lap was pretty much neutral because the pros passed us. Then once we started my legs were not ready to start up again. We stopped for a while and then started racing hard. I don't think my legs and lungs were ready for that. So i hung on for about 3 laps out of the five an dropped back. ended up 25th on the day. guess not bad considering I was in the ER the day before.
Leaving for the Gila next week,I am looking forward to that. Hope my lungs get better and my legs get stronger. We will just have to wait and see. This weekend is conference in windy Wyoming. Hope I am feel up to par to race. Time will tell.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Go time!

Livin the life. Just sitting hear on a sunny Friday morning drinking some coffee and typing this wonderful blog that about three people read.
I am finally feeling like myself again. This week I went climbing on Monday and Tuesday and felt really good, a lot better then I have in a long time. Especially Tuesday, I felt like I was flying in those torturous winds. I guess the real test to see if I am back and ready will be this weekend in Colorado springs for the Colorado college crit and Air Force Road race. For once we get a reasonable start time. Get to sleep in tomorrow and don't race till 2:20. Then Sundays road race starts at 10. I am feeling good again hoping I can pull something cool off.
Yesterday I got some sweet new kicks. Thanks to Ruby Canyon for giving me a great deal on them. I really needed these new shoes my other ones were pretty beat up.


NEW :) Hope I can go as fast as these shoes look.

Only got one more full week of school left if all goes as planed. I am planing on leaving Monday April 28th to go down to the Gila. Then get back to school that Sunday night May 4th. Go to school for a few days then leave again on May 8th to head down to fort Collins for collegiate nationals. Then come staright back to school to take some finals, then SUMMER! Got a lot of racing coming up in the next few weeks, lets just hope my legs can handle it. Kind of scared for the Gila, the longest race I have ever done and it's my first cat 2 race. Then straight for nationals hope I don't blow.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Getting back into form

This past weekend was the CSM collegiate races. It was a climbing weekend. Saturday was a ITT up lookout MT. I knew that it was going to be hard but I was ready. I talked to a lot of people that went before me and they said they blew early on, they went too hard at first and had nothing in the end. So I made sure to start a little slower then I normally would. My legs felt great but my stomach and lower back was hurting the worse. I finished 20:20 about 2 min off the winner. O well need to keep on practicing my climbing. Then yesterday was another hard crit with a climb in it that just blew up the field. I was giving it my all just to hold onto the field. I only could hold on for half of it with the group of about 8 but just couldn't. I feel back but just kept on rolling hoping not to get lapped. I didn't get lapped and finished up 12th. Not bad i guess but was hoping for better.
I am finally feel 100% healthy but am still lacking in my fitness. That will just take some time to get back.
This weekend is a stage race in Utah. I am looking forward to that. See how I do.
I just got my upgrade to a cat 2 so I am pretty excited about that. And tomorrow is my big 20!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Great Surprise!

Well Monday morning Stu gave us a call and said that he was coming to GJ for a couple of days. It was a last min thing. We all got really excited to see him since we haven't seen him since the end of last year. A little time went by and we thought he was just pulling an April fools joke. But it was for REAL. He actually showed up and we had a good time. It was a short visit but well worth it. He got a flight down here from a lady on his team that is a pilot that had to come to GJ to get the plane worked on.
We all went riding that day with coach MO and Brent. It was a lot of fun. Went climbing up the Monument, at I started out not feeling so good so just tried keeping a good pace. Then once we passed the tunnel I started getting into a fast rhythm. I passed Conor and was gaining on Stu. Just didn't have enough hill to catch him LOL. And lets just say on the way back down we almost got into some trouble by the Ranger. Never do what we did again. LOL
Then just as fast as it happened it was gone. Stu left and it was back to normal. I wish Stu would have stayed here again this year for school. O well shit happens. He gave me his skin suit with the national flag on it since I lost my other skin suit. I will just have to cover up those flags until I get my own national title. Hopefully one day. Thanks again Stu for the skin suit.
I went riding yesterday with Brent. We went into palisade and back into a head wind. It was a good couple hour ride. Then I went on my first MTB ride of the year right after that. It was pretty fun, a lot of climbing on slick rock. It was cool never really road on slick rock. Road for about two hours on the MTB. I am hoping to get some climbing legs back.
Tomorrow I will go out for a couple hour ride then head to Golden at 4. This will be my second weekend back racing since I have been sick. I feel like I am in much better shape then I was in last weekend. So I am hoping to do ok this weekend and get some points to go to collegiate nats. Saturday is a ITT hill climb up lookout mountain. I have climbed that quite a few times so I kinda know what to expect. Then Sunday is a crit. It is a new course then last year so I am hoping to play my cards smarter this weekend and get a good result. Try to help Conor defend his last win last weekend in the crit here.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Died Trying

Well what a weekend. This weekend was the Mesa collegiate racing. This was my first weekend racing feeling better. I was not sick but I just didn't have the best of legs this weekend.
Saturday was a 73 mile RR with some good climbing and I was just not feeling it. Right off the bat CSU and FLC went off the front and we just didn't think it was going to stick so we let them go. then the gap just kept on growing so I went the the front just a little bit before the down hill section and started drilling it. Then Conor came up to help me and we just were flying. No other D2 schools wanted to help so we just sat up. While we were up front pro (Nate) was sitting on the back. I got dropped on the climb every lap but chased every lap and got back on. Then on the last lap just couldn't chase back and came in a a little bit after the field. About 24th place.
Then today was the Crit in downtown Frutia. I was looking forward to this race and ready to drill it. It started off fast and I got a bad start and started in the back so had to use a lot of energy to get up front. Then I was there some guys attacked and I went with. Then they just sat up so I kept going. Used a lot of energy and got caught. Rested for a little and back up front for another attack but once again got pulled back in. Then with about 4 laps to go i got pulled. I tried early but just didn't happen. You have to die trying and that's what I did.

Conor just killed it today. Always up front and following moves also. He was the only mesa guy in the field with the last few laps to go because Pro just got tired sitting in all day and doing no work. But Conor sat on the CSU train on the last two laps. They blew apart the field but he held on. The sprint was awesome. Coming out of the last corner was 2 CSU guys and Conor. The last guy to pull on the CSU train pulled off. Phil the CSU guy thought he won it, so he put his hands up for victory but he forgot to look right and see Conor passing him for the win. You really had to be there to know how exciting it was. Beating the Crit national champion and the whole CSU train. Nice work Conor. First win for Mesa!

Next weekend is school of Mines races. Saturday it a ITT up lookout mountain. My climbing skills suck so we will see how that goes. Then Sunday is a crit. Different then last year which I am happy for. I will just have to play it smarter in that crit and hope my legs are back to get a good result.
O by the way, we had to get up this morning at 4:10 am to go to Fruita to go set up all the barriers for the crit. But at 4:15 the fire alarm went off in the dorms so I am kinda glad I was already up. I was just making my coffee and then it went off. I walked back into the room and Conor is like "did you set that off?". I just thought it was a very funny question. How the heck would I do that lol. I think my ears started bleeding it was so loud. I guess some kid just pulled it or something.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Almost there

Well since last week I took off the bike nothing really exciting has happened. I didn't race this weekend however I did go down to watch the races.
Conor kicked butt both days and surprised a lot of people. Once again he was the only Mesa rider racing because I was sick. But you wouldn't know by the way he raced. On Saturday there was a breakaway with 3 guys in it and Conor was not in it. But he did manage to win the bunch sprint for 4th. Beating some guys who had some trains going for the sprint. Then on Sunday was another fast crit but he managed to get the breakaway of 4. They went off like ten min into the race and were out front the majority of the race. He managed to stay in the break but didn't have enough left for the sprint. He was right there but not enough for the win. Another 4th place.

Today started me riding again and it was very nice out. I probably spent 2 hours today on little park. A pretty good climb. Then I just road around for a little longer. Road for 3 and half hours and I felt a lot better then I thought I would. Today was the first day I had to put sunscreen on and I missed a few spots. LOL I have a huge red line on my right arm that looks really funny that I missed with the sunscreen. Tomorrow I plan on riding a lot to try to get my legs back for this weekend race here in Grand Junction.
On Saturday morning we start at 9 am for a 72 mile road race. The hardest RR of the collegiate season I think. Then at 4pm we have a 11 mile TTT if we do it. Then on Sunday have have a crit. I am really looking forward to get some more racing in. I just hope I didn't loose too much ground on everyone from taking that time off the bike. It is suppose to be some good weather here this weekend, so I can't wait for some good racing in GJ. Mad Cow Classic

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Getting better!

I am finally feeling better. Not 100% totally but almost there. I am going to stick to my plan and take today and tomorrow off also. The more rest I get the better I will feel. So I am hoping to be back and running my next week and feeling good.
This weekend is two crits. One in Greeley hosted by UNC and one in Boulder hosted by CU. They are both great courses and I have done pretty good at them before. But I am not going to race this weekend since I have not ridden for the past few days. So i am just planing on going down there with the team( if you want to call it that) and just go riding. Nothing hard just go ride as much as I can while I am down there.
Next week I will have to step it up and try to get back to good form and feeling better so I can do good for our home race next weekend. The Mad Cow Classic. We have a TTT, Crit, and a RR and it is open to all categories collegiate and USA. So come on out and get some good racing in.

Watch this video! Pretty crazy. - Watch more free videos

Monday, March 17, 2008

Time to rest.

I have been sick for a very long time and now it really is time to rest and take some time off the bike. I really really don't want to take time off especially since it is starting to get nice out but I got to do what I got to do to get better.
This past weekend was some racing in Durango. Saturday morning started out with a very cold TTT. If you want to call it that. It was an 11 mile course with a mile climb to the finish. It was Conor,I and Trevor B who rode the course. The whole time it was Conor and I waiting for Trevor. We weren't even going full throttle and we had to sit up plenty of times to wait for him since we needed him to stop the clock. So on the climb to the finish Conor and I just rode up the hill, not raced but rode up and still dropped Trevor. WTF? So we got last and I don't think I am going to do another collegiate TTT again this year, just a waist of my time. Then later in the day around 4 we had our Crit. I was feeling tired and was still feeling sick. I only lasted half the race before I got pulled, But Conor got 8th which is really good. I felt bad that I couldn't help him at all but I just need to get healthy.
Then yesterday was about a 60 mile road race. I was not planing on racing it Saturday night because I felt sick and it prob would be a bad idea. But I woke up Sunday just feeling a little bit better but not great and decided to race just for the training and since I already paid. I was not planing on hanging on the whole race but ended up about 15 sec or so off the pack so I was pretty surprised. Conor was up front all day trying to pull things back by himself and felt bad I couldn't do anything to help but I was doing everything I could just to hang onto the pack. Conor up front

Now I am just going to take it easy this week and prob not even race this weekend. Our race here in GJ is next weekend so I am hoping to race that but we will have to wait and see.

Happy St. Paricks Day

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Fighting the Battle

Well on Wednesday Conor and I were up in Fort Collins to ride the Collegiate National road race course with Corey. The day started with an overcast skies and very windy. We started riding the course. Right off the bat it a huge climb up the dam. when we got to the top it was so windy it blew me into the middle of the road in front of a car but luckily the car stopped. I unclipped and walked to the side and the wind picked up my bike. It was crazy. The rest of the day was like that, very windy and lot of climbing. The course this year will favor the climbers for sure. I need to start climbing now.

Dust storm up ahead

Huge town. How do you get a 1/2?

I went to the doctors again today and they said I am starting to get Bronchitis. So i got some more drugs and am feeling just a little bit better. not much but hopefully good enough to race this weekend in Durango.
Tomorrow we are off to Durango. They have a TTT and crit on Saturday. Then a 60 mile RR on Sunday. I am not expecting anything great out of me this weekend because I am still sick and only road twice this week trying to recover from my sickness. Spring Break flew by, and I already don't want to go back to school.
O ya I also got by bikes fit. Raised the seats just a little. Brought by tt bars out just a little. Flattened my seat on my road bike. We will see ow it works.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Sitting on the sidelines

Well yesterday was the Du Crit at city park and I love that course. But I woke up in the morning not feeling to good and I knew I shouldn't race and make it worse whatever I have. So I had to just sit there and watch everyone race I really really wanted to race but knew I couldn't.
I stayed all day to watch the pros and the were some big names that showed up. 4 Toyota United riders, Tyler Hamlition, and some Thf reality guys that won. but it was really cool to watch them race. About 60 guys stared and only about 15 finished. The breakaway lapped the whole filed. Reminded me of our race last weekend.

So for today and tomorrow I am just going to take it easy and hope I get better soon. I have a bike fit tomorrow at 11 and then I am heading up to Fort Collins to ride the Collegiate Nationals course on Wednesday. It is going to be a long season and I don't want to push my body to hard right now, I just want to be healthy.
off to Durango on Friday for the first collegiate road race, I hope it's not snowed out.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Sick and still riding

Well today was the Meto TT 8 or 9 mile course with some climbs in it. I woke up this morning feeling like crap. My nose was running like a foist. We got to the race a little early to get a good warm up in. I still felt like crap warming up my nose was still running and my legs were tight. I decided to change my rear wheel with Garrisons fake disk. It was rubbing so I had to fix that and I thought I was ready to go. I started and felt ok, then the shifting started to suck. It was not a good idea changing wheels and it started to rub a little. Last year i got a 22:10 and this year got a 21:06 so still an improvement.
I still feel like crap and tomorrow is the DU crit at city park and I love this course. But if I am feeling really bad might just skip out on it and just relax and let my body get healthy. Going to try to race A's at 11:30 and 3's at 2:20.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Still not feeling 100%

Well I have been on antibiotics for ten days and I still am not feeling my self. Today is my last day on them and I was hoping to feel better by now. But nope its been about 3 weeks now and just feeling a little better.
This weekend is Metro/Du race. Saturday is a 9 mile tt and Sunday is a crit. I am going to do collegiate and then about 2 hours later race uscf crit.It's our spring break next week so I am looking forward to get away from school and the whole school that is sick and hope I get better when I am home.
Planing on getting my bikes fit next week. Then Conor and I are going up to Fort Collins to ride the Nationals course so we know what we have to do to prepare and know what we have to do in the race. Then we head back up to GJ on Thursday and leave Friday for Durango and there collegiate race.

Hope I get better soon.

Monday, March 3, 2008

Let the LONG season begin!

Well since the first collegiate race is already over, i will be racing from now until December in full force. It will be a long season but I am looking forward to it.
This past weekend was in New Mexico. I was looking forward to the race for the warm weather and compare myself to last year. Saturday was the TT a 15k Out and back with some good climbs. My time was a 23 something. And I looked and last year I got a 28 min time on the same course so that is HUGE improvement. Then yesterday was the crit. It was pretty cold and very windy. The winds were suppose to get up to 40 mph. I was shivering at the start. Then we were off and two CU guys went for it. tried to pull them back but no one wanted to help. The smaller schools were up front trying to pull them back but it didn't happen. people were getting pulled left and right because the breakaway was lapping them. Not too much longer the group of six that i was with was the last group to get pulled. They gave us one more lap for us to dual it out and I won the sprint. Got 12th overall and 2nd in D2.
Next weekend is Du and SPRING BREAK. I am still feeling sick so I am hopping to get better this week.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Almost Here!

Well I am still kind of sick. I feel a lot better then my last post but that probably because I am on antibiotics. I think they are helping out so I hope I am ready to drill it this weekend in New Mexico for the first collegiate race.
I have just really been going out and riding and getting some good hours in. Yesterday Conor and I went up and over the monument and it was really nice. Then today I got to ride in just shorts and a short sleeve jersey. it was so nice out compared to what we have been riding in. but every one I saw today was wearing everything they had. They made it look like it was 32 degrees out and they just looked at me funny. I road the TT bike today for about 2 hours and 45 min and I felt great so I hope I feel the same on Saturday.

We leave tomorrow for NM at 3:00 and I still don't know if I can bring my TT bike. I am hoping we can bring another car down there so we can but I wont find out till tomorrow. It's only Conor and I racing A's this weekend because the other riders are out getting connections for there pro contract? Whatever. So we will have to see if Conor and I can stir anything up this weekend. TT on Saturday 15m and then crit on Sunday.
Just sent in my upgrade forms today but still have not heard anything back yet.

Saturday, February 23, 2008


Well I have not felt so good since Valley of the sun. So I am not trying to really push my self and get me worse, so I have been just trying to get out as much as I can and just ride without really doing anything to hard. The weather has been ok but not great. We went out today for a 5 hour ride. We went out to the state line into Utah. We were rolling pretty good and my legs are pretty tired which means we did something so that's good. Gonna try to ride about as much as today so it should be a good weekend.
Less then a week until the first collegiate race in New Mexico. The is a ITT,TTT, and a crit. But we will only be doing the ITT and crit because only Conor and I are going because no one wants to go. Kinda sucks but just might do the open class in the TTT with Conor Mo and I.
Tour of California is looking pretty good. good race with only one day left hopefully it is a good last stage.

Monday, February 18, 2008

VOS 08

Well this past weekend my teammates and I headed down to Valley of the sun stage race. I was just excited to get out and ride in some warm weather. I was not expecting anything good on the bike. We mostly drove all the way down there in the snow or rain. Thursday night we stayed in Flagstaff for the night and then headed out early Saturday morning for the TT.
The TT was mostly a flat 22k course an out and back. My legs were not really feeling that good in warm up and I was just ready to go and get the TT over with. I was ready to see my 30 sec man ride away from me and the guy that started 30 sec behind me to past me very soon into the race. But it was the total opposite, I started off feeling really strong, I passed my 30 sec man very fast and I was very surprised and excited and I just kept it rolling after I knew it I was passing my 2 min man and we battled it into the finish. I ended up 15th that day.
Then the next day was the RR and I was expecting to fall off the back on the climb. But again surprised and stayed with the group the whole time. Actually half the time up near the front and trying to make a break. There was a lot of crashes and it sucked. Going up the finish on the climb it was very fast with about 6 guys a few seconds up the road but Conor closed them down and someone attacked and everyone flipped out and caused a crash. I had to slow down quite bit because of these morons so I ended up 13th but felt like I could have done better. The team road very strong and we were all surprised.
Then yesterday was the crit and I was feeling ok. Was just going to stay up front and out of danger and keep the same time. It was a fast race from the start. No crashes so it was a successful day. Ended up 31st but ended up 13th on the GC. I was very surprised and happy with my results. Compared to last year it looks like it will be a great year this year. Going to upgrade and have some fun.

Rock racing Rig

Sunday, February 10, 2008


Not a whole lot going on right now. Just riding my bike, going to class and trying to stay healthy. Classes are going ok so far. First test tomorrow so we will see how that goes. Riding is going very good. Getting some good hours out on the bike and I feel good. Past couple days been going on almost 5 hour rides and doing some intervals around the 4 hour mark and I usually am feeling pretty good when I do them which is good news. Conor and Mo

Everyone in my pod is sick so I am just taking as much vitamin C as possible. I really do not want to get sick. Get to leave to warm Arizona on Thursday morning. Friday is the TT, Saturday RR and Sunday is the Crit. I am mostly looking forward to the warm weather. I am hoping to stay with the front group but we will see. Doing a little bit different training style this year to see how that works out. But I am hoping to do pretty good. Then I get back and have a week or so before my first collegiate race. Season is coming up really fast and I can't wait for it to get
under way.
Some crazy hair after riding