Thursday, April 8, 2010


Well Collegiate racing is in full swing right now and I am feeling good. Just getting over being sick for over a week and it feels nice to be back to normal. It is trying to warm up in GJ but not fast enough.
Recap of the last two weekends of racing. Our home race was not easy. Saturday morning was the hill climb up the Frutia side monument. My legs felt great but my lungs didn't. Finished about mid pack. Then that night was our twilight crit, fast and technical course. Right off the bat a breakaway form with Richard, Caley and two other guys. They managed to stay away the whole time. Rich 2nd, Conor 5th, Pat 6th and me 10th. Sunday was the Road race. A couple minutes in a break went up the road with Pat in it for Mesa. A few miles later Conor bridged up to the breakaway so we had two guys in the break. Things were really looking good for us. About halfway through the race Conor flatted his tubular and with no wheel support was out of the race, and not too shortly after I flatted and waited on the side of the road for 40 min until a random car came and picked me up. Then Pat had some bad luck and cramped out of the break. So we only had rich left in the race and 2 miles to go he cramped bad to say the least Mesa didn't have a good day, a lot of bad luck. This past weekend was the Mines races another hill climb and crit. The HC went as good as it goes for me. The crit was fast and really hard to get a break to stick, they all got brought back. With 5 laps to go the guys set up a train for me. Fort Lewis was trying to jump in the middle of our train and mess us up but we didn't let them in and elbowed them out and made it clear don't try to mess us up. I screwed up the sprint and got 3rd, felt pretty bad should of had the win. Then after the race Fort Lewis was crying because they said we rode too aggressive. WTF you were the guys trying to screw us up, all we did was hold our position. You wouldn't believe how much they are complaining there coach calling nate and complaining and even talking to RMCCC saying we were too aggressive. If they don't want to get bumped and shoved then stay away from our train. This weekend we will have to make sure to stay at least 5 feet away from all 15 FLC riders to make sure they have enough room and don't feel like we are too aggressive.
Local crit series put on by has been going on for two weeks. They really know how to put on a race. The Mesa guys worked hard for me the last two weeks and got me the wins. I got my cat 1 upgrade on my B-Day thanks to them. This weekend races is Colorado college in the springs. A crit and another HC. UGGG