Tuesday, January 20, 2009

New Year!

Starting the day out with this really help me get going.

Well the break is over and school starts up again. It felt like the last 5 weeks flew by. Now i have to go back to school and it is going to suck to have to ride the trainer a lot. On MWF it looks like i will be inside riding the trainer wich sucks i really hate the trainer but it will get my mental game in it.
I finally feel like I am getting my fitness back after 2 weeks of some good training. I have been riding my bike a lot out here in Gj in the cold. I have been here for a little over two weeks and it has not past 42 degrees yet. It was 42 out yesterday and it felt like summer, I hope it warms up. I have been also doing some cross country skiing. At least i am trying to, it does not look that pretty, i don't go down hill that well, usually it is on my butt. This weekend i think i am going to do my first cross country ski race. It is a 10k , wich does not sound far, but the speed i go it is.

Mad speed!

Right now i am just getting in my base miles. Next month I am planning on going to Valley of the Sun for a training race. Not going there to win, just to get some good hard riding in, in the hot weather.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Up early

I am up early getting ready for my fitness walking class. What a joke. It gets me up in the morning so I can go ride later instead of sleeping in real late.
Lately I have been waking up early going to the gym walking for a while. Then I go lift some weights then it is on the bike for a while and if i am feeling good it is some CX skiing up on the mesa. That's pretty much all I have been doing. School starts in a week and it looks like the temps are getting warm here soon. It is suppose to get into high 30's low 40's. That will feel warm compared to what I have been riding in. I don't think it has reached much warmer then 32 here in GJ.
The other day I went on a 4:30 hr bike ride then went up to the mesa for 2:30 hr cx skiing. It was a full moon out and it looked like day time up there. It was a lot of fun, very tiring but a good workout. I am still not that good on the skis, epically down hill my skis just split. I just bought some used cx skis which seem to be working out good.
Well I am still not 100% yet who I will be riding for this year for road. I am hoping for Rio Grande but will not find out until this week so lets keep our fingers crossed.
Well my picture upload is being lame and not letting me post pictures, so i will try later