Monday, April 30, 2007

Conference Champs!

Mesa won the conference for D2 schools. It was a very close call, we beat Colorado College by 30 points. It was a very hard weekend of racing. We had a RR on Saturday out in Redder Mesa. It was a very hard course a lot of climbing and false flats. It also was very hot out. Some red neck put tacks on the road and gave people a lot of flats. When I got to my car i noticed i had 2 tacks in my front tire. I was lucky i didn't get a flat, i finished like 22nd overall and around 8th for D2. Then a few hours after the RR we had a TTT wich went backwards on the road course. It was mostly up hill and at the finish downhill. My bottom bracket was being gay, i felt like i had a flat or my brakes were rubbing but it was my bottom bracket, i was wondering why it was so hard for me, and the finish it was just making a weird noise. It was a brand new bottom bracket so i brought it over to the bike shop where i got it and they just gave me a new one. Then on Sunday was a crit in Fruita, it is a pretty sweet course. I ended up taking 10th overall and 4th in D2 my best finish yet. So it was great weekend for Mesa and now we are just getting ready to throw it down at Nationals

Sunday, April 22, 2007


Last week I felt good on the bike and going into the weekend, but once we started racing not so much. It was not in my legs at all this weekend. On Saturday we had a TTT and we switched up the team a little, we tried to give a Nate a try at it but that didn't go so well. He was almost late to the start, showed up 30 sec before we went off. It is called a TEAM time trial we work together not attack your own teammates. It didn't go so well he just drilled it up the hills and dropped me before half way, I was really pissed. Then later that day was a sweet crit. It was like four lanes until one corner which turned into one lane into a climb. It was so strung out for a long time and gaps formed on the downhill and i just couldn't close it so i was with a group until we got pulled. Conor and Chris did very well they had a good race. And o ya Nate was suppose to race the crit but he missed the start. And today was a RR which was a sweet course with a huge climb on Fort Lewis campus. I didn't do very well at all but Mitch did great, he got 5th overall and 1st in D2, Chris and Conor were right up there too, Nate dropped out because he got a flat even though he had a saddle bag to fix it. This weekend just was not for me. Next weekend is our race here at Mesa. We have a RR, TTT, and a crit i hope i have better legs next weekend. And i am hoping to have a TT bike at the end of the week or early next week.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007


Man was today a windy one. We went out to do our normal TTT but it was way to windy so we decide to do ITT which was a great idea, we didn't want to take each other out. It was a hard one, then we came back to do our Wednesday night crit. The skies looked brown and it was really windy, dirt was just all over the place. Only 7 guys showed up for the race but it was a strong field. Mitch went off first and we caught him after a few laps. Then Conor(Ginger #2) went off after we got Mitch. Chris, Mitch and I Just sat in and didn't pull. One of the other riders got really mad at us because we were not pulling. There was no reason for us to, we had a guy up the road. He came back and said get the fu** up there and pull, i was like i don't need to I have a guy up the road. Then he said its 5 on 3 you fagget, pull. I was a little blown away by that. If he did his math right it was actually 4 on 3. I thought he was a nice guy up to then, then he purposely cut off Mitch in a corner and almost took him out. Why this is all going on Conor is still off the front. Then with like five min left the mad man quit. Then after a few laps me and Chris attacked the rest of the guys and pulled away, we pulled in Mitch and kept on rolling. Then Chris lead me out for a few laps, then with a half lap left, he let me go but didn't catch Conor. He was off for a long time and won the race, it was sweet. I came in Second then Chris in third and Mitch in forth. it was fun using tactics and winning the race. some guys may have gotten bad but it was a good time.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Weekend Racing

Another weekend another collegiate race. On Saturday we were suppose to have a HC at 7 but they cancelled because it would of been to cold, thank god. Then in the afternoon we had a crit on CC campus. It was two straight aways with a 180 degree turn at the end of it and then down a hill then up a steep S turn climb which killed me and i got pulled with like 15 min to go, it was a very fast race. Then today was a RR on Air Force campus, it was 66 miles with some hard climbs in in. There was 51 riders, and on the first lap on one of the last climbs a New Mexico guy went down and took out Forbes then Me. I was pissed I dint go down hard or anything but I was chasing to get back on for a long time. Then once I got on someone attacked on the hill and I just couldn't hold it. Some other guys dropped back so I just stuck with them until the last lap and just went solo for about half of the last lap. I took 28Th overall which isn't that bad i guesses for crashing. Next weekend is Durango and I hope to have better luck and have good legs.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

TTT, Crit

Today was another day for TTT. After having a really hard day yesterday i didn't know how well my legs would perform. The wind was a little crazy, we got to the turn around and killed it on the way back. We didn't get our fastest time yet but it was still a great ride. Then we had to come back for our Mesa Crit. It was yet another hard race, it started out like normal everyone in a paceline. I made attack 15 min in and Chris and Conor slew down the pack but still could not hold them off. When they were about to catch me it was a prime lap. I gave it my all at that time just to get the prime and ended up getting it. Then at the end Chris took it, i ended up 4Th not bad. Today i got my name on my bike and it looks sweet.
This weekend is CC and Air force race. I hope the weather will hold up for us and i hope i will be able to see the family too.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Windy GJ

Today was a very windy day in GJ. Even though it was windy it was a great day on the bike. Chris, Jeff, and I road up little park with a very nice pace. Jeff fell back a little and Chris and I kept rolling up the climb. We were rolling, i stayed with Chris for the climb, so it was a good climb for me. Then we road over to the monument and road down. Since it was so windy it was cold on the descent. Once we got down i was struggling just to stay upright it was so windy. It was like a 2 hour ride. I came back and rested for a few hours then headed out to the Tuesday night ride/race. The weather did not look so good on the way out it looked like it was going to rain. But there was a handful of people who showed up to ride. After about riding for ten minutes the field broke apart. It ended up being Dillon, Conor, SS, Stu and I off the front. We just kept pulling through and road away from everyone else. Chris knew there was a big climb coming up and he told me that we were going to attack at it. Once we were rolling up to the climb i knew Chris was going to attack so i stayed on his wheel. Once we got towards the top of the climb he went i got on his wheel and we just powered away. At first i thought they were going to catch us but we both mad huge pulls and we stayed of the front to the finish. We were coming up to the finish and i pulled through to pull and attacked and Chris didn't have a rest yet so he couldn't get on my wheel so i took it. Then not to longer after Conor and Dillon came charging to the finish and Conor took third. Mesa 1,2,3. It was a good day even though it was windy. 4 hours of riding not bad for a windy day.

Sunday, April 8, 2007


Mesa state got good results this weekend in Utah. Saturday was a late start with the Men's A starting at 1:10. It was the Hell Of the North road race, it was 5 mile laps and part of the course was dirt, it was not hard dirt but loose gravel, it was almost a single track the whole dirt section. There was a few parts were your bike would just fishtail. The race started with a Fort Lewis attack, but closed quickly. Then it was perfect Chris was out on an attack and doing well then his hub locked up and had to wait for the support car to come which took forever so he was out of the race just finished solo. After that the whole field broke apart, it was Conor Two fort Lewis guys and me chasing the break, the fort Lewis guys had a free ride because they had a guy up the road so they didn't work. Then Mitch a DU and Utah guy got on our group, then a few laps later the Fort Lewis guys jumped and i got on here wheel and after a little bit couldn't hold on so they got free and i dropped back with they group that i was with before. we tried to pull them back but just dropped two other guys in our group, so it was just Mitch DU and me with two laps to go. Then in our 3 man sprint it was me, Mitch then Du. so i took 6Th overall and 2ND in D2. it was a good race. then a few hours later we had a TTT witch i was not looking forward to, i was so tired. it was about 13 miles or so, Mesa did good we got 2ND overall and 1st in D2. then today was a hill climb, climbing is not my strength, so i fell off the back of the pack half way up or so and just kept rolling. Mitch did good with a 7Th pace finish. so it was a good weekend for Mesa, next weekend is Air Force and CC race. Today is my B-Day the big 19.

Thursday, April 5, 2007

Wednesday Crit

Like every Wednesday we have have TTT practice. It went well today, we had a cross wind on the way out but we were still moving. We lost Conor a little bit before the turn around, then our turn around was bad because we had cars coming and it slew us down a lot so we had to regroup before we killed it on the way back. It was not our fastest time but it was up there, most of us didn't have TT gear so we did great. Then we came back and we have crits on campus, it started with a junior race, then an open race then the elite. It was a very strong field in the elite, it was a fast race. There was a few attacks but we just pulled them back in. Then Stu and some other guy went off for a few laps, then we pulled them back in. Once we got them i counter attacked them and went off. Conor and Chris slowed up the pack for me, I was off for a while but just couldn't hold it, they got me with like 10 min or so left in the crit. Then on the last lap i tried again, i tried pulling away from everyone on the last but just couldn't hold it. they got me at the last corner before the sprint. Then it was the sprint and i saw Chris and a few other guys going to pass me on the left. Some guy could not hold his line and almost took out Chris, bent his hood in and broke some of his spokes, it was crazy and of course they guy that couldn't hold his line won. I ended up taking 3rd with all that craziness. I am feeling really good for this weekend, i fell we are going to kill it, and its my B-Day on Sunday so it should be a good time in Utah.

Tuesday, April 3, 2007


Today was a very good day on the bike for me and Stu. Stu got a PR for 30 min effort, i did well, i don't have a power tape or anything but i stayed away from him. We did 30 min effort and i felt much better then i did last weekend at mines. And o ya i got burned like normal. We are going to destroy it this weekend in Utah so everyone watch out the purple train is coming.