Sunday, June 24, 2007


Well lets just say that i didn't have very good legs this weekend. Saturday was an 85 mile road race. It was a lot of climbing, i suck at climbing and it showed this weekend. I dropped off the main group 22 miles in when someone attacked on the long climb. I finished 30th out of 75 not bad but i know i could of done better. Then today was the crit it had sharp and tight turns. I did ok in that about half way in the pack. The whole race i could not move up at all so i just stayed where i was the whole time, my legs did not feel it. Then right after that was the TT. I was not looking forward to that. My legs started to come around a little in the TT, i felt great on the way out and was struggling on the way back but managed to get 15th not bad but not great. O well this weekend was just an off weekend.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Crash N Burn!

Well tonight was a crit part of the Rocky Mountain Omnium. It was on the state patrol track. It was like a race track but with some thight corners and long straight aways. Well the race started off well i was up front closing some breaks and going with people. The race was actually lame, for primes they were giving out golden dollars. Who is going to bust there ass of for a golden dollar? The most they gave away was $10. And that was donated by the crowd. Then with 2 laps to go there was a HUGE crash. The guy next to me just kept on going straight instead of going right. IDK what happened but only about 20 guys came out of it, there prob was about 60 starters or so. so we just keep on drilling it after the crash. Then when we came by the crash on the next lap guys were still on the ground so they told us to slow down, which we did, then we came out of the corner and there was a big straight away to the finish. Guys started to sprint and i just sat on there wheel about 3 wheels back, Then with about 500 meters to go to the finish the ref came up and told us it was a neutral lap. HUH? In the sprint? so we all slowed down and did a lap and then they stopped us at the start line. They said 2 guys were really hurt, one guy with a head injury and another with a broken collarbone. Dang. So since they didn't have an ambulance they had to wait? Man i would of had a good chance of winning but at least i didn't go down i guesses.

Monday, June 11, 2007

No power!

Well yesterday was a horrible day for me on the bike. It was the fort Collins crit. I had a bowl of cereal before around 10 and my race was not until 315 and that was all i ate all day. There was a very bad move on my part. Then before the race the course was open for us to ride like 15 min before. So i took a lap and when i came back around everyone was already on the line. What the hell, so i was way in the back just sitting there 10 min before the race started asking my self why we all were already lined up. O well, So the race started and i had to move my way up which was not easy at all. My belly hurt so bad prob because i didn't eat anything all day. So for about half the race i was battling with my pain in my belly and trying to move up to the front. And why this is all going on Conor is on a 6 man break. Then a few laps later i noticed my front wheel was getting low so i went to the pit to get a wheel. I was trying to hurry so i could get ready to hop on when the group came back but the official and the pit dude said to relax because they were giving me 2 laps to change my wheel and everything because the pack was going so fast. Then once i got my wheel on the pack came around the corner and they told me to hop in. WHAT?? They said i had 2 laps but whatever i hoped on and drove it to the front. And still Conor was on his break. Then with 3 laps to go i felt like i was in the 4's no one knows how to hold a line in the 3's. Guys were all over the place, then with 1 lap to go guys just didn't care about anyone else they we all over the place, I was scared for my life. then a guys tire blows and everyone freaks out, So then we had to regroup then another guys tire blows and a crash right in front of me. I just gave up there and just road in. If i was not getting top six then why keep on going full throttle. I ended up 38th or something horrible like out of 70 or so, but dang Conor held with the break away and got 4th(BA) That was sweet at least one of us knew how to ride our bike that day. And i Started my new job today=boring and long. I am an emissions inspector making sure cars pass and everything. I have 2 weeks of training and this week is the book work. Man i don't know what else we still have to go over and its only Monday. O well lets see how it goes.

Sunday, June 3, 2007

State TT and City park crit.

Well the TT was very windy. The whole race was either a head wind or a cross wind, it sucked. I did ok in it i got 14th overall and my time was 54min and some change not so great but OK. Then today was the city park crit. I was pretty excited to race this one,idk why i just was. the race was fast with 3 round-abouts and plenty of crashes. Conor went on an attack about half way through the race, i just sat on the guy chasing and waited for him to pull him in, and once that happened i counter attacked and stayed away for a lap and a half with Conor's help blocking. The good thing was i got a prime out of it. then with five laps to go i noticed a guy was off the front solo so i moved the the front to try to pull him in. No one came with me so i was chasing by myself so after 2 laps of chasing and me not closing in on him and the pack closing in on me i just sat up. He stayed away for the win and i finished up 3rd. I thought i got 2nd but i guess the cameras don't lie. It was a good day got cash, gift certificates and 2 primes and a loaf of bread.