Monday, March 22, 2010

Race time

Collegiate season is under way, we have only made it to one weekend of racing though but we made our presence known. The first weekend of races we had out team fundraiser so we were unable to make it. Then The CU/UNC crits was our first races together as a team and we kicked ass. We worked really well as a team and were really strong. CU have 15 riders in the race and we had 5. We were in every move both days of racing. Saturday came down to a bunch sprint and we set up Richard and he came out with the W for the team. Sunday was another crit and it was a bit colder and smaller fields. We knew everyone know knows we are a strong team so they will be looking out for us. There were many attempts for breaks but nothing stuck until Conor attacked and a little bit later a CSU rider attached to bridge to Conor and Patrick sat on and made it to Conor, then a CU guy attacked and Rich sat on his wheel. Soon enough we had 3 out of the 4 riders in the race in the break. I just sat in and followed some wheels and watched my 3 teammates Team Time Trial in the break. Rich again came out with the W, Pat 2nd, Conor 4th and I got 10th. Not bad at all for our first weekend together. This past weekend we were unable to race. Lovely Colorado weather decided to dump some snow on the front range. So the Saturdays race was cancelled but yesterdays race was on but we decided a 6 hour drive was not worth it for an hour of racing.
Right now I am sick and on antibiotics, today is my fifth day off the bike and its killing me but I know I need to rest to get healthy. This weekend is our Home race here in Grand Junction. Going to be some hard two days of racing. Saturday starts off with a Individual hill climb up the Frutia side monument. Then Saturday night is a Twilight crit at the go cart track off I70. Then Sunday is a tough Road race. If you want to come watch any of the races I would recommend the Crit Saturday night, you can watch the whole race. Hope I am healthy by this weekend!

Race flyer

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Some people are CRAZY

It's finally warming up in Grand Junction, about time. It is suppose to be 55 today and I can't wait to get out there. Right now I am working hard at the student rec center typing this blog and getting paid. I am starting to get some more hours in the legs and it feels really nice. Just got over a cold or just about too that took me off the bike for 5 days to get better again. This weekend is the first collegiate race of the year with Metro hosting a TT and DU having a crit. They are both great races but we will not be attending this year. We are having a team Fundraiser instead on Saturday Night. We will be showing Race across the Sky with Lance Armstrong. It is about the Leadville 100 MTB race. I hear it is a great movie so you should come check it out. Here is a link to the trailer.



So yesterday when we were almost done with our ride like 10 min from home we had a jackass skim us while riding. There was four of us rider two a breast with on in the bike lane with gravel and glass and everything else that ends up in the bike lane and another one riding right on the white line. Every other car that passed us had no problem driving right around us. But this one driver decided to get as close as he could and I have no idea how we didn't get hit. We all threw up our hands and he slammed on his brakes and skidded to the right. We just decided to keep riding and go around this jackass but once we were passing him he grabbed Richard and tried throwing him off his bike. Good thing he has good handling skills otherwise he would of hit the deck and we would have had more problems. That is considered an assault, he crossed the line when he tried grabbing one of us to throw us off our bike going about 15mph. We asked him what was his problem was while riding away in a different tone and text and he said that the city pays a lot of money for these bike lanes. Well they should pay to clean them up to. We kept on riding while he got back in his car and came next to us at the red light. It turned green and he decided to start to drift in the lane. Some people just amaze me sometimes with how angry they can get. Heaven forbid you might have to tap the break and go around us. So sorry for the inconvenience. The great thing was we got his license plate number and he was driving his company's car with Davidson homes all over it. So I recommend you never do business with these guys they might get angry and try to rip you off. We reported him to the state troopers and now he will be getting a telephone call. Some people just don't realize that there car is a deadly weapon. If they hit is with their car it could kill us.

Off to a better note, spring break is next week for us. I am stoked just to relax and get some good miles in. It kind of sucks though because it is still considered winter. O well it will be nice to get a little bit of a break from school.