Wednesday, March 23, 2011


This past week was our Spring Break even though it was not Spring yet. O well it was a much needed break from school. Got to catch up on some sleep and got to just relax. I went back to Denver to see the Fam and Friends, it was nice to catch up. Then last weekend was the first collegiate races for RMCCC. Two crits, one on Saturday in Boulder and Sunday in Wyoming wich we decided to skip out on the Sunday one because that is a long drive back for a 1 hr crit.
So saturday was the same CU crit that have had for many year. Very simple, an oval with decent road a few potholes and two dips after the start finish. Very little incline so it is always a fast race. I went into the day knowing my Knee has been hurting and this is my first effort at elevation so I didnt really know what to expect. Lined up in the back row because FLC and CU all had like 10 guys each and they all lined up like 5 min before the start. We had a little bit of pressure to do good because we won this race last year. Once we startred I was just so excited to be racing and the legs felt awesome so i went on attack after attack. But to make it easy nothing stuck and it was a bunch sprint. With about a lap and a half to go we got swarmmed up front and before i knew it i was in the middle of the pack so I had to work hard to get back towards the front but just dint have enough time. However Rich won and I ended up 4th. Pretty excited with the form and getting the Win I was excited to get back in the groove of racing.

Check out Velonews for race report:
But now I am SICK, ugggg. My body is telling me to rest I think so thats what I am going to do until it is ready to get back out there. I am kind of bummed because I will have to miss this weekend of racing but it is still very early in the season and no need to be pushing it yet so going to take some time off until my body gives me the go ahead to get back out there.
Until next time....

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Time Change!

I am stoked that the clocks moved an hour ahead today, that means an extra hour of sunlight that I have the opportunity to ride in so I don't have to rush home from class to just get a short ride in. Also my base riding is coming to a close end. I will be shorting the hours on the bike and getting some intensity in since the collegiate scene is pretty much
Have been having a little knee problem lately with my patella tendon but I think we are getting it under control, I hope. I am on "Spring Break" right know even though technically it is still winter but it sure does feel like spring out so no complaining. I have a week off from classes, so that means I get to sleep in and go ride when I wake up and try to catch up on homework but we will see if that happens. I leave Wednesday to head to Denver to see family and friends and relax a little bit and hang out with my new Nephew, Ayden.
This Saturday is the first RMCCC race in boulder which will be a crit. I am excited to start up racing again and to see where my fitness is with all these base miles I have been putting in. Last week I got an idea where I am at when i took a VO2 test. I lost nine pounds since last time and increased my power so I was really stoked about that but it still all comes down to the race. I am not going to let a test make me too happy until I see the results in the actual race.
Pic while in Arizona for Valley of the Sun
Crit at VOS