Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Not what I was hoping for.

This past weekend was the Dead Dog Classic in Wyoming. It is a two day stage races with 3 races total. Conor and I headed up to Fort Collins Friday night to spend the night and leave for Wyoming early Saturday morning for the RR. We were running late and when we got there hoped out of the car, picked up our numbers and got ready and rolled to the start. Didn't get to spin the legs before the race. Going into the day I knew it was going to be hard, a lot of climbing which is not my speciality. So i was hoping to hang on. It started a lot faster then I thought. But as i expected I got dropped on the climb out. Kind of disappointing.

Saturday was the Crit and i was looking for revenge. The plan for the team was to keep on attacking like crazy until one of us got in the break. there was three of us so we took our turns attacking and finally Ian got in a break with about 8 other guys. All i could do after he got in the break was hold on for dear life. Teams had there whole teams on the front and count bring back the break. ian ended up 7th and i managed to hang on and finish with the main group. Kinda disappointing i was hoping for better but at least our teammate was in the break.

Then the TT was right after. They said it was a flat 10 mile course and i really did not want to race since I was well out of a good spot in the GC. I looked at my start time and barley warmed up, i was so unmotivated to race. I rolled to the start a min or so before my start and the official said i was suppose to go off a min before. So i guess i missed my start so that made me even more unmotivated so i pretty much just road the TT. No real hard efforts, just wanted to finish. O and it was far from flat. i don't know how they consider that flat.
So my next race is next weekend a crit which i hope i can do well. Then Boise twilight, Cascade, then u23 nats.