Saturday, June 9, 2012

BIG transition

I have been racing crits all year as many of you know. The last two weekends was a big shock to the system by having US Pro road race nationals in Greenville SC then the following weekend was Philly. These two races are very prestigious races in the US and were big races for the team. I knew I had the fitness but maybe not the climbing legs I would need. Either way I was going to give it a 100% and see where is took me.
This was my first Pro nationals and I was very excited but also very nervous. Our main goal was to get Freddie a 4th national title. The course was the same as the last 7 years with a good 9 min climb in it. I knew this was going to be my Achilles heel. My job was to just hang in as long as I could and help Freddie with anything he needed, fetch water, bring to the front, ride the front. Long story short I only lasted half the race and was pretty bummed but also it was a new style of racing from the past 1.5 months 1.5 hr-120 miles. In the end a break went on the last climb and Timmy Duggan on Liqigas soloed for the win and Freddie top 20.
Then Philly, I watched this race every year since I started racing and I knew it was a big race. I was in the same shoes as I was last week but in Philly it had a lot shorter climb that suited my riding style. It was pretty crazy riding the course and have never actually riding it before I felt like I road it multiple times from watching so many editions. Again my role was to keep Freddie fresh, it was a hot day so this meant going back to the car to get lots of water. In the end Freddie got 3rd and I finished 3 min of the lead group after all my duties early in the race.

Check this link for a video of Philly!

Now I am enjoying some R&R after racing full on and being on the road for close to two months. I will be in Boulder for close to a month before the second half of the season. I am very happy with the season so far and really look forward to what the race of the year has to bring.

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